TRITIUM™ WCDMA / HSUPA PA-Duplexer Module; SE Input with Coupler, Detector

    Key Features

    • Handset Tritium III PAD™ (power amplifier duplexer) module for UMTS band V / VI
    • Specified for HSDPA modulation (HSUPA capable)
    • Integrates power amplifier, highly accurate output power detector, transmit filter and duplexer
    • No regulated voltage required
    • Separate ‘module enable' pin
    • All RF ports matched to 50 Ohm
    • Low current consumption:
      • 2 power modes
      • Continuous bias in low power mode
      • Extremely low idle current (8 mA typical) in low power mode
    • Compatible for low collector voltage operation with DC-DC-converters

    Qorvo's TQM616025, a member of the Tritium III product family, is an integrated 3 V linear power amplifier, duplexer and transmit filter module. It includes a highly accurate output power detector designed for mobile UMTS handset applications, supporting HSUPA operation with transmission data rates up to 10 Mb/s.

    It features two output power modes, additional continuous bias in low power mode, low off and standby currents and a separate pin for module enable. RF input and output matching is included within the module; therefore, minimal external circuitry is required.

    The TQM616025 provides excellent RF performance with low current consumption resulting in longer talk times in portable applications. The tiny 7 x 4 x 1.1 mm surface mount package is ideal for new generation slim, small and light phones.

    Typical Applications

      • 3G UMTS Handsets and Data Cards
    Standards WCDMA/HSUPA
    Bands Bands 5 & 6
    Pout(dBm) 25
    Package Type LGA
    Package(mm) 7.0 x 4.0 x 1.1
    RoHS No
    Lead Free No
    Halogen Free No
    ITAR Restricted No
    ECCN 5A991.B