5G is massively broadband
    reaching into frequencies never previously thought of for mobile wireless — above 3.4 GHz, and even to 30 GHz and beyond.

    5G is ultra efficient
    for streaming data, taking full advantage of carrier aggregation and massive MIMO.

    5G is fixed wireless
    giving more choices to get 1 Gb/s connections to your home and business.

    5G is wireless infrastructure
    using beam steering and high-power GaN, based on the technologies in phased-array antennas for defense.

    5G is low-latency
    for real-time connections enabling autonomous vehicles and augmented/virtual reality.

    5G is the backbone of the Internet of Things
    connecting more than a trillion devices to the internet in the next 10 years.

    Qorvo is the standard setter — participating in standards bodies and partnering with wireless carriers — to define 5G RF for the future.

    Qorvo connects RF for all 5G use cases — more than just cellular and Wi-Fi.

    Qorvo connects RF for all 5G use cases.

    • Innovation
      Gallium Nitride (GaN)

      Discover how Qorvo’s GaN technology is advancing defense, aerospace and commercial applications.

    • Applications

      We provide highly integrated solutions for sub-6 GHz mass MIMO technologies as well as advanced mmWave components for 5G WI.

    • Applications
      Wireless Infrastructure

      Qorvo has an extensive product portfolio supporting wireless infrastructure equipment.

    • Applications
      Mobile Products

      Qorvo's core RF solutions help next-generation mobile devices enable global connectivity.