The diversity of carrier aggregation across regions is increasing. Not only are the number of frequency band combinations multiplying, but we are now moving into an era of increasing CCs (component carriers), from 2CC to 3CC and soon 4CC.

    LTE Carrier Aggregation Band Map
    Band Combination Multiplexer Separate Antenna Primary Region of Use
    B1 + B3 x   China, Korea, Europe
    B25 + B66 x   North America
    B3 + B7 x x Europe, Middle East, Africa
    B1 + B3 + B7 x x Korea
    B3 + B7 + B20 x x Europe, Middle East, Africa
    B39 + B41 x   China
    B1 + B3 + B8 x   Japan

    Enabling carrier aggregation requires simultaneous communication on multiple CCs. In some cases, the RF front-end must support multiple transmit and/or receive paths between the antenna(s) and the transceiver.

    • Isolation of these paths requires multiplexed RF filters or physically separated antennas.
    • In multiplexers, achieving cross-isolation between bands is required.
    • Achieving this cross-isolation using RF filters requires that filters attenuate the out-of-band signals for each CC sufficiently to avoid loading the other aggregated bands.

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