Smart Home Solutions for Service Providers

    Monitor your home away from home. Know when Grandma needs an extra helping hand. Understand your home's energy usage — past and present — all at a glance at your mobile device. These are some of the ways People Power and Qorvo provide smart home solutions for senior lifestyle, energy efficiency and home security.

    Qorvo and People Power share the same IoT vision and focus on delivering smart services that really matter to people — from comfort and convenience, to safety and security, and care and well-being.

    Smart Homes Are Built on Smart Technology

    People Power offers three smart home options:

    • Presence Security — A home monitoring service with wireless sensors that notify residents when something happens when they are away from home.
    • Presence Pro Energy — Shows historical energy usage levels, compares them to current use, and makes it possible to control energy directly on a mobile device.
    • Presence Pro Care — Helps caregivers take care of aging and sick family members, by monitoring daily living patterns and sending alerts when unexpected events happen. One of the unique features is that spare iOS and Android devices can easily be integrated into the system as free internet monitoring cameras with video alerts.

    People Power and Qorvo Deliver Smart Internet of Things Systems

    People Power Presence Security Pack

    People Power president and CTO David Moss said, "We work with GreenPeak [now Qorvo] technology because they have proven to be an industry game changer, delivering an unprecedented level of wireless range, battery life and reliability. People Power depends upon [this] to offer engaging and meaningful services through large iconic brands and service providers."

    People Power counts on Qorvo technology to build reliable, open and low-cost residential networks with:

    • Market-leading range
    • Robustness to Wi-Fi interference
    • High reliability

    With Qorvo's wide range of IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee ultra-low power silicon products for use in smart home applications, People Power can build wireless and maintenance-free solutions that can run on batteries for over a decade. In addition, the newest Qorvo chips enable the combination of different network and profile layers running in parallel.

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