"Qorvo is committed to providing solutions that meet our customer's quality, reliability and performance requirements. We pursue excellence in the customer experience and continually drive improvement in all that we do."


    Bob Bruggeworth
    Qorvo CEO

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    Supplier Quality Manual
    Quality Manual:
    Qorvo expects our suppliers to acknowledge receipt and ensure understanding of Qorvo’s Supplier Quality Manual. 
    Suppliers are required to comply with the requirements of COR.103 which defines quality requirements, expectations, and business practices to maintain their status as an approved supplier.

    Supplier Quality Policy/Manual COR.103
    Quality Management System (QMS)
    Qorvo expects our suppliers to be certified to ISO 9001:2015. Suppliers who support Qorvo’s automotive programs should also aim for IATF 16949:2016 certification.

    Certification Maintenance:
    Suppliers are required to maintain their certifications and must immediately notify Qorvo of any changes in their certification status.
    Product / Process Change Control Policy
    Change Notification:
    For products that have been qualified by Qorvo, suppliers are required to provide a formal Process Change Request (PCR) to Qorvo to obtain approval for product/process changes.

    Notification Criteria:
    Changes requiring approval include (but are not limited to) site location changes, design alterations, shipping and packaging changes, process flow adjustments, and material source changes.  If there is any question about whether to notify Qorvo, you are obligated to contact your Supplier Quality Engineer who supports you.

    Process / Product Change Policy QAL-21-1022
    Process Controls in Manufacturing
    Suppliers are encouraged to apply effective statistical process controls (SPC) where applicable and monitor critical-to-quality (CTQ) parameters using appropriate SPC techniques.  When requested by Qorvo, suppliers should provide control charts for specific parameters and/or make the charts available during audits.
    Proactive Risk Identification and Mitigation
    Comprehensive Management:
    Qorvo expects our suppliers to identify quality risks and determine actions and improvements needed to mitigate risks.

    Qorvo Specification Compliance:
    Suppliers are strongly recommended to establish a manufacturing process risk analysis (PFMEA) and Out of Control Action Plan (OCAP), demonstrate they have implemented a quality awareness training program encompassing process mapping and optimization, and empower their employees to “see something tell someone”.
    On-going Supplier Monitoring
    Qorvo’s Right to Audit:
    Qorvo, or their authorized agent, reserves the right to perform on-site or virtual assessments/audits of supplier's facilities to determine capabilities and compliance with Qorvo Quality Management System requirements.
    Sub-tier Supplier Management
    Comprehensive Management:
    Suppliers must ensure that their suppliers adhere to Qorvo’s specific requirements and control processes. 

    Qorvo Specification Compliance:
    This includes management of sub-tier supplier selection, compliance monitoring, capacity planning, and performance evaluations. Qorvo reserves the right to perform assessments/audits on suppliers’ sub-tier supplier facilities to ensure compliance with our Quality Management System requirements.
    Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP)
    Quality Culture:
    Qorvo expects our suppliers to incorporate a Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) based on a zero-defect quality philosophy in alignment with Qorvo’s standards.

    Comprehensive Plan:
    Suppliers must demonstrate they have implemented a quality awareness training program encompassing, process mapping / optimization, problem resolution and root cause analysis, Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEA) / Out of Control Action Plan (OCAP) implementation and execution.

    Suppliers must establish Key Process Indicators (KPIs) and drive improvement toward goals while continually enhancing goals, and promote cross-functional team collaboration to encourage feedback loop closure in manufacturing.
    Product End of Life (EOL) / Discontinuance Policy
    Advance Notice:
    Suppliers must provide a minimum of two years' notice for any product discontinuance and include alternative solutions if available.
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