Industry-Leading BAW Filter Solutions for Best-in-Class System Coexistence

    As demand for wireless data increases, 5G standards are driving wider bandwidth and higher frequency designs. To support these bands E-UTRA New Radio Dual Connectivity (EN DC) and Carrier Aggregation (CA) combinations will be added, requiring advanced multiplexing of multiple bands.

    Multiplexers featuring minimal insertion loss and maximum out-of-band rejection for these bands are capable because of Qorvo’s BAW filter design and technology capabilities. This low insertion loss minimizes any negative effect on the power amplifier current drain and device battery life. These designs also provides best-in-class band isolation and cross-isolation for optimal system-level performance.

    Qorvo innovations in bulk acoustic wave (BAW) technology are a vital component in advanced filtering solutions for mobile products, as well as the world's most advanced radar and communications systems.

    As next-generation high-end smartphones and devices demand more filters, with less space, Qorvo has the solution. Our BAW filters have evolved to support higher frequencies and increased bandwidth for new 5G and Wi-Fi band expansion. Complex multi-filter modules, such as multiplexers and antenna-plexers are primed to address RF system challenges in new 5G devices. Enabling manufacturers to accommodate new bands, 4x4 MIMO, carrier aggregation (CA) and other new requirements with fewer antennas, and no impact on existing form factors or features.

    Besides mobile products, Qorvo's BAW innovations in advanced radar and communications systems are driven through R&D with partners such as Lockheed Martin. Qorvo BAW filters are also used in base stations, repeaters and distributed antenna systems (DAS), tower-mounted amplifiers and many other wireless infrastructure and Wi-Fi customer premises equipment (CPE) applications.

    Additionally, by integrating active and passive components into tiny modules, Qorvo continues to deliver size, cost and performance advantages.

    • Qorvo has shipped over 24 billion BAW filters worldwide
    • Ultra-stable temperature performance, well above the competition
    • WLP BAW allows for small size and compact footprint
    • Suited for frequencies from 1.5 GHz to 9 GHz
    • Superior performance: low insertion loss, steeper slopes, excellent rejection of adjacent bands
    • Market-leading coexistence performance over temperature

    Although surface acoustic wave (SAW) and Qorvo's filters are well suited for applications up to about 1.5 GHz, BAW filters generally deliver superior performance with lower insertion loss at higher frequency levels.

    BAW filters are inherently less sensitive to temperature change than standard SAW filters. Our BAW filters reduce temperature sensitivity even further, making this technology ideal for extremely challenging applications in frequency ranges handled by BAW.


    Q Advantages Using BAW for Multiplexers

    As you can see in the figure below, BAW is the best choice for multiplexer filter designs as you move up (to the right) in frequency, because the SAW bulk radiation acoustic energy is larger than BAW in the upper frequency spectrum.

    BAW vs. SAW


    Learn more about how smartphone designers consider regional and carrier requirements, as well as global roaming for high-end next-generation devices. Filter requirements vary in each region or country because of local differences in spectrum allocation, and the situation will only become more complicated as more LTE bands are allocated.

    Download the Qorvo Advanced Filters Brochure for mobile products.