GaN: The Industry's Hot Technology

    Gallium nitride, known as GaN, is the semiconductor industry's "hot" technology for defense and commercial applications.

    For more than 15 years, Qorvo has led the research, development and manufacture of this critical technology for defense — radar, electronic warfare (EW) and military communications. Now we're expanding GaN into the commercial space, including next-generation cable TV (CATV), point-to-point (PtP) radio, VSAT, base stations, instrumentation and more.

    Demand for GaN technology is growing worldwide — the solution is RF innovation from Qorvo.

    Qorvo: GaN Strength in Numbers
    • #1 GaN supplier for defense and cable TV markets.
    • Within the last 18 months, Qorvo has released over 100 new GaN products.
    • Accredited as a DoD Microelectronics Trusted Source and only manufacturer to earn MRL9.
    • We've shipped more than 2.6 million GaN devices.
    • There are tens of thousands of GaN devices in the field.
    • Proven 16,920 devices with more than 65.8 million hours of use demonstrated only 0.013 percent failures.*

    *Note that this data comes from a monitored customer program.

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    With more than 30 years of expertise in GaAs and GaN, Qorvo has completed more than 1,000 MMIC designs. From space technology to defense to wireless and CATV, our designs range from near-DC through W-band.

    Qorvo provides proven, record-setting GaN circuit reliability and compact, high-efficiency products. This paves the way for more robust performance, lower operating costs and longer operational lifetimes.

    We're so confident in our GaN expertise that we recommend these ten questions to make sure you're choosing the right GaN supplier for you. Qorvo's GaN products and technology enable the systems all around you that keep you connected and protected.

    GaN Delivers Unmatched Performance

    • High power density
    • Reduced size and part counts
    • Excellent gain and efficiency
    • Robust operation and long pulse capability
    • High operating voltage for improved system power efficiency

    Benefits of Qorvo GaN Technology

    • Record-setting reliability exceeding previous industry standards
    • Unique ability to integrate / package / test in secure, U.S. facilities
    • Award-winning innovation including first GaN-on-diamond devices
    • First to market 0.15 µm and 0.25 µm GaN technology
    • U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) accredited Category 1A "Microelectronics Trusted Source," their highest designation, certifying that Qorvo products, processes and procedures meet stringent control and secure handling standards
    Infographic: GaN on SiC vs. GaN on Silicon

    Leader in defense and commercial GaN research since 1999

    GaN Products
    Wide selection of innovative GaN amplifiers, transistors and switches

    University Partners
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Notre Dame, University of Colorado at Boulder, University of Texas at Dallas, Ohio State University and University of Bristol

    Leader in performance and reliability GaN development

    Recent Honors

    • 2015 Tech Titans Corporate Innovation Award
    • 2013 CS Industry Award for DARPA NJTT program
    • 2012 CS Industry Award for DARPA MPC program
    • 2011 CS Industry Award for DARPA NEXT program

    The Global GaN Impact
    Strategy Analytics recognizes Qorvo's GaN R&D / GaN product innovation

    Active R&D Programs

    • DARPA NEXT program for highly complex, high-frequency GaN MMICs
    • DARPA ICECool program with partner Lockheed Martin, measuring thermal management of GaN on SiC
    • DARPA Microscale Power Conversion program to develop ultra-fast power switch technology and integrate technology into next-generation amplifiers
    • DARPA Near Junction Thermal Transport (NJTT) GaN program to increase circuit power handling capabilities through enhanced thermal management
    • Defense Production Act (DPA) Title III Gallium Nitride Radar / Electronic Warfare Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits

    GaN Technology

    • QGaN25: Generation II 0.25-micron GaN on silicon carbide (SiC); 100mm wafers; DC-18 GHz applications with drain bias up to 40 V
    • QGaN25HV: High-voltage 0.25-micron GaN on SiC; 100mm wafers, DC-10 GHz applications with drain bias up to 48 V
    • QGaN15: 0.15-micron GaN on SiC; 100mm wafers; DC-40 GHz applications with drain bias up to 28 V
    • QGaN50: 0.50-micron GaN on SiC; 100mm wafers; DC-10GHz applications with drain bias up to 65 V
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