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    Qorvo is a place where our interns thrive. Our growing program gives you a chance to be an active participant in collaborating, designing and developing Qorvo solutions for a wide variety of applications. If you're interested in working side-by-side with innovative people changing the world, read the frequently asked questions below for more details.

    • Who is eligible? Currently enrolled undergraduates and graduate students in an accredited program with plans to return to school. Other requirements will vary by position and be clearly outlined in the posting.
    • How long are your internships? A typical summer internship is 10-12 weeks long (May-August). Longer internships are available and are outlined in the job description.
    • What internships are available? To view our current openings for interns, visit our Job Search page and either select "Interns" under Job Type or "Internship" under Experience Level.
    • How do I apply for an internship? Once you've found an internship you're interested in via our Job Search page and either select "Interns" under Job Type or "Internship" under Experience Level.
    Qorvo Interns

    next-genNextGen is a Qorvo Employee Network (QNet) group of Qorvo influencers – coming together with diverse backgrounds, skills and mindsets. The aim: to cultivate an environment that inspires the next generation of employees. This group seeks to continue the company’s legacy of being an awesome place to work by enriching and encouraging each other through an exchange of ideas and shared experiences.

    Interns Making a Difference

    They're called "interns," but being part of Qorvo presents great opportunity to gain valuable experience and to also contribute to the success of our global team. Find out below and in this video how Qorvo interns have played vital roles in the company, what they learned, and what sparked their interest in joining Qorvo after they finished their degree.

    The best part of being a Qorvo intern was having the opportunity to make real contributions to my team and company. My manager and team consistently challenged me and gave me opportunities to grow and learn about our technology and processes. Once I graduated college and started working full-time, my familiarity with the company culture, people connections and package engineering summer experience gave me a kickstart in my new role.

    - Dylan, Packaging Engineer

    The transition from intern/student to a full-time role was smooth and exciting due to the challenging and engaging projects I was exposed to as an intern. Qorvo’s work environment was key to my decision to join the team as an employee, knowing I would work with a team of people who are passionate and proud of the work we provide. Qorvo’s mentoring system also provides an exceptional opportunity for career and technical development.

    - Elizabeth, Applications Engineer

    My internship with Qorvo allowed me to grow into a more confident and responsible employee. Having the opportunity to interview with different employees in various departments helped me get to know the amazing Qorvo culture and community. No other job has compared to my great experience with this company.

    - Isabel, Marketing Operations Specialist

    What motivated me most to join Qorvo was the company culture, the ability to do hands-on development work, and the mentorship I received as an intern. I was fortunate enough to work on a wide variety of technology development projects during my internship. I especially enjoyed working with many different mentors who helped prepare me for my role as a full-time sustaining engineer.

    - Isabelle, Process Sustaining Engineer

    My well-rounded internship position at Qorvo immersed me into what working after graduation would be like. I worked on jobs that challenged me and I became familiar with many new software programs. Qorvo taught me how to work on a team and provided me opportunities to learn new RF technologies. Joining Qorvo’s employee network groups, such as Women in Tech and NextGen, provided me with a sense of belonging in the company. Being an intern for two years made it a very smooth transition into a full-time role on the same team.

    - Kate, CAD Engineer

    My internship at Qorvo helped me to learn, understand and apply solutions to real-world problems. Going from an intern to a full-time software development engineer taught me ways to think deeper and solve technical challenges. With so many amazing minds and souls, Qorvo helped me grow personally and professionally.

    - Nikhil, Software Engineer

    My time at Qorvo, transitioning from an intern to a recent college graduate, to a new full-time employee, has been amazing! Even through the pandemic, I had the chance to experience Qorvo's culture and I loved it! Since joining Qorvo, I’ve transitioned from working in transportation, to sourcing, to being a project manager engineer, and my visibility into and support from all the departments have 
    been incredible. Qorvo encouraged continuous learning and growth through multiple roles, which provided the perfect challenge for my youthfulness and ambition.

    - Quinten, Project Manager Engineer

    I couldn't have hoped for a better internship to prepare me for my first job out of college. My manager, mentor and the entire team taught me so much about Qorvo, the difficulties you confront in data analytics and business in general. I learned to have the flexibility to fail, in the sense that failure is not something to shy away from or fear. I was impressed by Qorvo's leadership in the RF sector and its potential for growth. The company's culture, innovative atmosphere and constant challenges are the primary reasons I decided to work with them.

    - Twisha, Systems Developer

    Dive right in to making a difference with your degree. Recent college graduates who work at Qorvo become fully immersed in their professions the moment they step through our doors. With ample opportunity to contribute, Qorvo provides the right mix of entrepreneurial spirit and established experience as an industry leader.

    Here's what some employees — who were hired right out of college — have to say about being a part of the Qorvo global team.

    Meet Some Recent Grads


    I was searching for a place where I could have hands-on work and apply my RF coursework, and Qorvo was a fantastic match. I really enjoy the amount of ownership I have over the products that I support. Every day holds different tasks, so there are plenty of learning opportunities.

    - Laura, RF Test Development Engineer

    After graduate school, I looked for roles where I could hone my knowledge of RF design, as well as learn how the industry executes projects and improves work efficiency. And here I am! At Qorvo, I feel like I am expanding my technical knowledge every day. It is amazing how the employees discuss and challenge each other to achieve the best results. What is more amazing is the employees are so patient and detailed in explaining any questions you have.

    - Louis, Sr RF Design Engineer

    I joined Qorvo because they offered me incredible opportunities to work on so many different packaging technologies. Working at Qorvo allows me to make a positive impact on the world, taking on challenges and pushing my own boundaries. With such a diverse portfolio of products and technology, Qorvo feels like a place where the sky’s the limit for learning and growth.

    - Peter, Sr Packaging Engineer

    Working at Qorvo has given me a chance to grow in the RF industry in a serendipitous way. The challenges I encounter allow me to grow as an engineer in an ever-changing environment. Being new to this industry and working with some of the most talented and dedicated people, I see that Qorvo is committed to the future of their employees, to RF and much more!

    - Teresa, RF Test Development Engineer

    We collaborate with university professors, researchers and students to advance next-generation communications. Whether it's designing solutions to go into space or new developments in process technology, our partnerships result in insights and internship opportunities for real-world engineering applications.

    At Qorvo, we collaborate with university professors, researchers and students in the advancement of RF solutions. From breakthroughs in GaN on diamond to the Pluto New Horizons spacecraft, our partnerships with key universities result in new insights for real-world engineering applications.

    These opportunities provide researchers and students with a rich experience and first-hand knowledge of developing, producing and advancing gallium arsenide (GaAs), gallium nitride (GaN), silicon, and surface acoustic and bulk acoustic wave (SAW / BAW) technologies.


    In addition to internship opportunities, our partnerships can take many forms:

    • Working with professors and university research centers to develop advanced technologies for our industry, as well as SAW and BAW device modeling and material research
    • Sponsoring scholarships at varying levels of education where the resulting field of study aligns with Qorvo's vision
    • Providing design kits, foundry services and technical / educational support for RF-related classes at universities
    • Teaching adjunct classes and giving guest lectures at universities where the curriculum matches our expertise
    • Participating in recruiting events or sitting on the industrial advisory board for various schools and often advising on curriculum
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