award In 2019, the United States Navy Reserve honored Qorvo as one of America’s Outstanding Navy Reserve Employers at the Navy Employer Recognition Event (NERE). The Navy Reserve selected Qorvo for assisting employees who are deployed as reservists and understanding their critical roles in the military.

    Qorvo’s Veterans Enablement & Troop Support (V.E.T.S.) QNet group’s mission is to recognize, connect, engage, and focus the energy and experience of Qorvo's Service members’ community – including Active Duty, Guard/Reserve, Veterans and their family members. Its goal is to promote the collective experience of all members to enhance professional career development, and work productivity.

    Veterans Making a Difference

    Our employees who have served in the military work in a variety of positions in a range of functional departments throughout our business units. Here’s what they have to say.


    The ability to take responsibility for your mistakes and learning from them is key in both the military and at Qorvo. It's important to create a comfortable environment for people to own up to their mistakes instead of trying to hide them.

    – Ken, Equipment Engineer, Test

    One thing guaranteed in the military was change. From large changes in duty stations, to smaller varying changes of daily responsibilities and tasks. The same holds true in the semiconductor industry. Change is inevitable. But, with change comes growth and opportunity. Time in the service prepared me for the fast-paced and ever-changing technical scope of our industry.

    – Aaron, Characterization Lab Manager

    The discipline and interpersonal relations – whether it’s the ability to accomplish a task and perform as a cohesive unit, or working with and walking in the shoes of people of all nationalities – are all skills that translate over to my work now.

    – Treva, Operator & Senior Wafer Fab Expert

    The military teaches vital life skills, responsibility, teamwork, and attitude. The technical training I received is way ahead of any civilian electronics training programs. People leaving the military have had great training and valuable hands-on skills with complex equipment, much like the equipment used in the business.

    – Jay, Thin Films Equipment Engineering

    Working for Qorvo helped me ease into civilian life. There's a camaraderie working among the team of fellow veterans – a sense of community and pride with a dedication to problem-solving challenges. The team's diversity of service areas makes it a familiar and friendly atmosphere, which is important when transferring from military to civilian life.

    - Zack, NPI Planner

    The most valuable and worthwhile achievements in life do not come easy; rather they are hard, and also bring the most rewarding experiences. Experiences in the Navy – commitment to learning, application to an array of environments and dedication to improvement as a single team – bridge similar opportunities at Qorvo where we must always be thinking, listening and expecting more of ourselves and teams every day.

    - Bill, Director Engineering & Quality Systems

    Believe it or not, many of the duties I performed as a Reactor Operator in the Military have transitioned to my work in the semiconductor industry. I feel fortunate to have landed in a career path where I can apply these skills and experience. It's enabled me to provide for my family and make a good living – I've never looked back, as it was time very well spent.

    - Matthew, FDC Engineer

    The Marine Corps taught me tenacity and discipline, which has yielded great results in my career thus far, but it's my passion for technical work that spurred me to become an Associate Engineer. At Qorvo, I have seen growth in my leadership, technical knowledge, personal interactions, and my personal goals. The level of accountability and mentorship here is incredible. The leaders here are intentional about your goals and work hard to ensure you achieve them.

    - Thomas, Engineering Associate
    Jeff B

    Through it all I have been blessed to be associated with individuals who believed in what they were doing, and kept the good of each other and the organization ahead of themselves. This is what I expect. I expect it of myself, my team, my co-workers, and my leadership. And I have not been disappointed. It's this quality that has kept me here and which will also ensure the continued success of our company.

    - Jeff B., Senior Manager Product Engineering

    The military brought me structure and discipline that I now apply to my position at Qorvo as a Director of Spares and Capital Asset Logistics. It's allowed me to achieve success in a line of work and continues to help my team by creating structure within multiple projects.

    - Jeff, Director of Spares and Capital Asset Logistics