Qorvo Integrates RF Solutions for Next-Generation Communications


    Wireless devices connect us to the people, places and things we care about most. To create these amazing devices, manufacturers work through complex integration challenges — including a multitude of form factors, the rise of broadband data demand, a perpetual number of frequency bands, and connecting via 4G LTE, vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2X) and soon 5G. From the smart home to the smartphone, consumers want to be connected with more features, small screens and better battery life — while manufacturers strive to keep costs low and unveil new technologies fast.

    With the broadest in-house portfolio, only Qorvo can integrate high-performance RF technologies to create the Optimum Technology Match™ for these new devices. We bring together a palate of technologies — combining filtering and duplexing, switching, and power amplifiers (PAs) with superior functionality across all major frequency bands.

    Qorvo creates RF technology that counts, delivering a new level of performance for all of these integrated RF devices. Qorvo's highly integrated RF solutions:

    • Simplify design
    • Reduce product footprint
    • Conserve power
    • Improve system performance
    • Make RF solutions more cost effective and convenient for the manufacturer and the consumer

    Qorvo combines deep systems-level expertise, broad manufacturing scale and the industry's most comprehensive product and technology portfolio to help manufacturers accelerate delivery of next-generation LTE, LTE-A and Internet of Things (IoT) products. Qorvo's core RF solutions set the standard for next-gen connectivity, with unmatched integration and performance at the heart of the connected world.

    As the use of connected devices and the IoT grows, the amount of data uploaded and shared every day increases too. However, sending all of this information is not easy for devices designed for portability on-the-go. For instance, large signals can jam each other when a user is busy talking on the phone, searching the web for information and uploading a video at the same time. Also, higher data rates often mean more power consumption.

    Fortunately, Qorvo integrates high-performance technology to address these challenges:

    • Envelope tracking: For ideal power management, Qorvo's technology constantly adjusts battery power to operate at peak efficiency for real-time power requirements.
    • Carrier aggregation: We understand the unique RF linearity and requirements of CA and have a broad array of components optimized for CA performance, integrated for networks and/or wireless devices.
    • Interference: Our coexistence filters address the design challenges related to interference between Wi-Fi and the adjacent LTE bands in North America, China and elsewhere.

    As our networks and devices become more capable and connected — with more bands emerging across the global Wi-Fi spectrum and the progression from LTE to 5G — only Qorvo has the high-performance integration expertise to manage the exponential increase of RF complexity. With these advanced capabilities, Qorvo helps manufacturers simplify the creation of new technology and accelerate the time-to-market of their next-generation networks and devices.

    For mobile devices, RF Fusion™ and RF Flex™ are just two examples of Qorvo’s integration expertise, which helps our customers accelerate next-generation products to market. These solutions address RF complexity by supporting all major cellular basebands and LTE bands, providing a compact, scalable source for the cellular front end and meeting the most stringent 3GPP standards.

    • RF Fusion™ combines power amplification, cellular switching and filtering in a single, integrated chip. Pre-tuned for optimal RF performance, RF Fusion incorporates the newest technologies and global compatibility for today's mobile devices, all in an ultra-small size.
    • RF Flex™ provides best-in-class performance and regional customization to improve the performance and simplify the design of 4G and LTE smartphones and tablets. This integrated solution can be customized for rapidly changing mobile markets.

    The Internet of Things: The Connected HouseOnly Qorvo's high-performance integration provides the Optimum Technology Match™ for flexible and configurable front-end systems for mobile and wireless devices, as well as emerging automotive, connectivity and IoT applications — all delivered in the industry's smallest form factors.

    With the acquisition of GreenPeak Technologies, we're expanding our highly integrated RF solutions to offer system-on-a-chip (SoC) solutions for the connected home and the rapidly growing IoT market. This means smart home networking — connecting devices such as home air conditioning and heat, smart energy control, home monitoring, independent senior living applications, remote controls and more — with ultra-low power wireless data communication SoCs. This complex, high-level RF integration is the foundation upon which we stand here at Qorvo.

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