Delivering the "Where" to Key Markets

    We deliver the "where" to enable: contextual decision making, reduced operating costs, increased safety, and greater security for data communication and assets.

    • Mobile

      Having UWB technology in your smartphone enables many new possibilities. Some of these include being able to access your car without a key fob, making your purchases more secure and being able to easily find items that you misplaced. Also, with a UWB-enabled smartphone, you can locate your family and friends in crowded areas and enjoy seamless home automation.

      • Secure vehicle and building access
      • Locate valuables and other items
      • Secure payments in retail settings
      • Social network features based on peers located nearby
      • Home automation / smart home
      • Indoor location / navigation
      • Contextual decision-making
      Mobile UWB applications
    • Consumer

      We help make "smart" devices even smarter by delivering ultra-accurate, real-time location information for indoor and outdoor connectivity. We give contextual location data that enables improved access, control, decision making, and safety.

      • Adaptive lighting / AC
      • Multi-room, location-aware speaker systems
      • Safety monitoring and access systems (children, elderly, pets)
      • Door locks and garage openers
      • Home networks and wireless connectivity
      • Payment security
      • Household robots
      • Smart remotes / air mice for TVs and set-top boxes
      • Augmented reality / virtual reality
      • Drones
      • Sports analytics
      • Mobile accessories (tags for locating items, ear buds)
      Consumer UWB applications
    • Industrial

      From factories to warehouses, hospitals to retail, agriculture to mines, we deliver real-time, ultra-reliable location information that enables industries to digitalize and optimize virtually every aspect of asset and data management for greater efficiency and workplace safety.

      • Process / flow / layout optimization
      • Real-time view of work in progress
      • Zonal lighting and HVAC control
      • Asset utilization optimization & theft prevention
      • Social distancing / staff safety
      • Safe navigation of people and robots
      • Employee compliance monitoring
      • Isolated worker protection
      • Collision avoidance for forklifts and automated guided vehicles
      • Tools activation / deactivation
      • Livestock tracking
      • Wireless network data security
      Industrial UWB applications
    • Automotive

      The automotive industry is moving toward shared mobility and autonomous vehicles. We provide advanced location detection that enables improved communication technologies, advanced security and safety features, and greater convenience.

      • Secure vehicle access (passive entry / passive start)
      • Digital Key
      • In-car communication
      • Electric car wireless charging
      • Valet parking / convenience parking
      • Smart city tolling and parking management
      • Vehicle-to-infrastructure and vehicle-to-vehicle communication
      • Tire pressure monitoring system communication
      • Pedestrian and cyclist collision avoidance
      Automotive UWB applications

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