Power Efficiency is Advancing Electronics Innovation

    The efficient use of power is at the heart of electronic device design.

    From 5G base stations, phased array antennas, data centers and vehicles to tablets, smartphones and video doorbells – designers know that smaller, smarter and more reliable power management are essential competitive differentiators.

    As a global leader in RF and power technologies, Qorvo is helping customers solve their most difficult power challenges. We are ready today with next-generation solutions that Connect, Protect and Power™ people, places and things – faster and further with more reliability.

    Qorvo's scalable platforms for power supply and management are used for charging, powering and embedded digital control in end applications in the industrial, commercial and consumer equipment markets, as well as in mission-critical defense applications.

    Qorvo's turnkey solutions deliver energy-saving power conversion architectures that minimize energy usage, reduce solution size and cost, improve reliability, and compress system development time to market by more than 50 percent.

    Our highly integrated and configurable architecture uses an intelligent, system on chip (SoC) approach that significantly simplifies the design process by eliminating the need for external components.

    In addition, we offer customers a family of multi-time programmable power management ICs that enable designers to change configurations multiple times without special software or firmware. Manufacturers can debug designs and change settings in real time without changing external components.

    Qorvo's innovation in power products is delivering compelling simplicity, efficiency and flexibility. And we're not finished yet. We continue to advance levels of programmability, power efficiency, capability and size. By doing so, we empower our customers to innovate enterprise and consumer electronics with greater functionality, reliability and extended battery life.