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    At Qorvo, we are driven by the possibility of discovery — of new RF and power technologies and advancements in design, manufacturing and communications that make the world a better, cleaner and more connected place. We've been working on that for more than 30 years, both as innovators and as stewards of our planet. And we are just getting started.

    Qorvo: All Around You

    Qorvo: By the Numbers

    From rovers and spacecraft that travel the galaxy to tiny filters that help keep a heart beating, Qorvo's products enable amazing real-world technology. Learn how some of our customers are using our products to solve unique engineering challenges.

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    5G: The Future of RF

    5G is more than low-band front-end modules and switches. At Qorvo, we have all the core RF technologies to fully address and enable 5G — from wireless infrastructure to mobile devices to the technologies to make them happen. And we partner with carriers and standards bodies to bring the vision to life.