Max Power Reduction

    An uplink 2 carrier aggregation tool that calculates maximum power reduction for two component carriers.

    Max Power Reduction

    An uplink 3 carrier aggregation tool that calculates maximum power reduction for three component carriers.

    Key Frequency Bands

    Table showing the 3GPP LTE and 5G FR1 / FR2 Frequency Bands, LTE and NR bandwidths, nicknames and regions.

     Bandpass Filter Response Calculator

    View and analyze Butterworth and Chebyshev filter performance using frequency inputs.

     Cascade Calculator

    Provides performance values for system level Gain, Noise Figure (NF), P1dB compression and Output IP3 for up to 20 cascaded passive and active components in a chain.

     dBm-Volts-Watts Conversion

    See the relationship between power in dBm, Watts and RMS Voltage. This is relevant for many power applications.

    FET-Jet Calculator

    Quickly evaluate and identify the optimal SiC device for your power topology. Covers the full range of Qorvo SiC FETs and diodes.

    Image Rejection Calculator

    Displays the contours of constant image rejection as a function of phase and amplitude error. Allows the user to see which error is most significant, thereby offering a path to improved performance.


    A simple, user-friendly RF / Microwave matching calculator that easily matches S1P and S2P files.

     Noise Figure & Noise Temperature Calculator

    Calculate the noise figure and noise temperature of an RF system.

    Pad Attenuator (Pi, Tee, Bridged-Tee) Calculator

    Calculate the value of the resistors R1, R2 and R3 in a Tee-pad, Pi-pad and Bridged-Tee attenuator. The user only needs to enter the attenuation in decibels (dB) and the impedance of the transmission lines to be matched. 

    PAE / Pdiss / Tj Calculator

    Calculate the power added efficiency, power dissipation, and maximum junction temperature of your application.

     Trace Width Calculator

    Calculate trace width values based using the IPC-2221 charts by providing inputs such as current thickness and temperature values.


    QSPICE for analog and mixed signal simulation gives SiC power electronics designers the ability to evaluate their designs. QSPICE offers digital logic without performance penalties, and provides the speed and accuracy required for reliable power-based simulation with an intuitive user interface.

    RF Impedance Matching

    Calculate capacitance and inductance of an L-Match network by entering the R load and inputs as well as the center frequency range. This type of calculator is useful in matching one amplifier output to the input of a following stage.

     VSWR / Return Loss Conversion

    See the relationship between VSWR and return loss. The VSWR value range from 1.01:1 to 3.5:1.