Simple configuration
    The Zigbee RF4CE communication controller chips are optimized for low cost, ease of integration and allow fast time-to-market by only requiring a simple configuration step to achieve a complete Zigbee RF4CE-compliant remote control.

    Single device to control all connected devices
    The Zigbee protocol enables a single remote control to control all the home's connected devices, including turning on lights, opening curtains, managing appliances and environment, and more.

    Motion-sensing technology
    The Zigbee chips allow the development of low-cost motion-enabled remote controls, addressing the growing demand for smarter and intuitive navigation of interactive entertainment services offered by operators.

    Unique "find-me" feature
    Enables users to push the "find-me" button on the TV or set-top box that results in the remote to start beeping and/or flashing when it is lost, making it much easier to find – even when it is out of sight. No more lost remote controls.

    Allows for a variety of new remote control capabilities including tele-voting and gaming, personal messages and reminders, real-time sports results, stock information and residential sensor network monitoring.

    Voice control features
    Enables users to control the remote without navigating a confusing nest of buttons. This includes changing channels, searching for programs, activating a DVR, controlling other Zigbee-connected devices in the home, and other functions. Learn more >