Connecting seamlessly at every level is the definition of real-world interoperability. Whether Matter or another IoT standard is used in a smart network, Qorvo adds the advantage of its unique suite of integrated capabilities called ConcurrentConnect™ technology. The result: Quicker connections, greater network capacity and scalability plus future-proofing for multi-vendor and multi-standard networks.

    In this demonstration, our certified Matter development kits enable concurrent connection and control for smart lighting. Qorvo's ConcurrentConnect Multi-Channel capability enables simultaneous Zigbee Bridging and Thread Border Router on different channels. Multiple Matter and bridged Zigbee networks connect on the same hub, operate on different channels, maximizing capacity, range and reliability.

    Matter creates a plug-and-play consumer IoT device ecosystem

    qorvo home matter multi-connect

    Multi-standard Smart Home Communications Controller

    QPG6105 Product Brief
    Qorvo GitHub QMatter

    QPG6105 + QPG7015M
    Multi-standard / Multi-Channel Communications Controller

    QPG7015M Product Brief
    Qorvo GitHub QGateway

    Watch our unboxing video here.

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    Qorvo® Simplifies Smart Home IoT Designs with Matter™ Development Kits press release.
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    You'll Learn How To:

    • Understand IoT architectures
    • Explore the new standard Matter
    • Examine IoT network protocols
    • Review key IoT market drivers
    • Understand how innovation will bridge multiple standards
    • Learn today's and next-generation use cases
      Distributed Wi-Fi
      We enable one "pod in every room" for extended Wi-Fi capacity and IoT technologies in the farthest reaches of the home.
      Industrial, Scientific & Medical
      Qorvo's portfolio includes highly integrated FEMs that cover the ISM bands from 169 MHz to 2.5 GHz.
      Lifestyle Systems
      Qorvo technology enables a total system solution for reliable and proven senior and family lifestyle applications.
    • Remote Controls
      We offer low-cost, single-chip solutions for RF remote controls, with support for voice control and motion sensing.
    • Smart Energy
      Qorvo's smart energy and Zigbee product offerings cover a wide array of ISM frequency bands from 169 MHz through 2.5 GHz.
    • Smart Home
      Our future-proof portfolio of RF communication chips for the smart home support Zigbee, Thread and Bluetooth® Low Energy communication protocols.