Multi-standard Smart Home Communications Controller

    Multi-standard / Multi-Channel Communications Controller
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    Matter creates a plug-and-play consumer IoT device ecosystem

    qorvo home matter multi-connect

    You'll Learn How To:

    • Understand IoT architectures
    • Explore the new standard Matter
    • Examine IoT network protocols
    • Review key IoT market drivers
    • Understand how innovation will bridge multiple standards
    • Learn today's and next-generation use cases

    Matter is Part of a Layered Architecture

    To facilitate communication with different types of devices and standards, Matter supports multiple physical layers. Matter works over Thread, which is a networking technology that is built on top of 802.15.4. Routing data across these different physical layers is done through a border router. Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) is listed in the bottom layer and is outside the blue box. This is because today, Bluetooth LE in Matter are solely used for commissioning the IoT devices.

    matter protocol diagram