5G: The Future of RF

    5G is more than low-band front-end modules and switches. At Qorvo, we have all the core RF technologies to fully address and enable 5G — from wireless infrastructure to mobile devices to the technologies to make them happen. And we partner with carriers and standards bodies to bring the vision to life.


    From rovers and spacecraft that travel the galaxy to tiny filters that help keep a heart beating, Qorvo's products enable amazing real-world technology. Learn how some of our customers are using our products to solve unique engineering challenges.

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    Qorvo was founded on RF innovation. We take pride in being a part of the technology all around us, that connects us every day. Our breakthroughs in the wireless market, network infrastructure and the defense and aerospace industries work to increase product performance, lower costs and roll out next-generation technology.

    We pioneer and hone processes from the core — using GaN, GaAs, filter technologies and others — to the packaging that fits perfectly in a mobile device or protects it from harsh environmental conditions. We work in the future — solving problems and creating new capabilities within the Internet of Things. Exciting technology developments are all around us. Learn more about what we're working on.


    At Qorvo, we collaborate with university professors, researchers and students in the advancement of RF solutions. From breakthroughs in GaN on diamond to the Pluto New Horizons spacecraft, our partnerships with key universities result in new insights for real-world engineering applications.

    These opportunities provide researchers and students with a rich experience and first-hand knowledge of developing, producing and advancing gallium arsenide (GaAs), gallium nitride (GaN), silicon, and surface acoustic and bulk acoustic wave (SAW / BAW) technologies.

    In addition to internship opportunities, our partnerships can take many forms:

    • Working with professors and university research centers to develop advanced technologies for our industry, as well as SAW and BAW device modeling and material research
    • Sponsoring scholarships at varying levels of education where the resulting field of study aligns with Qorvo's vision
    • Providing design kits, foundry services and technical / educational support for RF-related classes at universities
    • Teaching adjunct classes and giving guest lectures at universities where the curriculum matches our expertise
    • Participating in recruiting events or sitting on the industrial advisory board for various schools and often advising on curriculum

    Qorvo's ongoing commitment to innovation extends to our key partners. We offer a range of services — including packaging, assembly and test options, as well as GaN and GaAs foundry capabilities — for our strategic customers.

    Our integrated assembly and highly-specialized packaging of RF components support multiple applications, including communications, radar and electronic warfare. Through our secure, in-house facility — Advanced Microwave Module Assembly (AMMA) — we can prototype devices, test manufacturability and ramp to full production with almost any standard or custom package. Qorvo's comprehensive foundry services are complemented by our innovative GaN product solutions, including full MMIC amplifiers, die-level FETs, switches, and wideband transistors from DC-18 GHz. Our foundry products are manufactured with the same high-precision process controls that ensure NASA-trusted reliability and functionality.

    Advanced Microwave Module Assembly (AMMA)Qorvo Advanced Microwave Module Assembly Facility Watch Video >

    Benefits of Our Strategic Services

    • Increased efficiency with shorter lead times
    • Single and multichip assembly
    • Die on Tab (DoT) / standard packaging options
    • 20-plus years of expertise packaging and testing high-frequency components
    • Fully accredited by the U.S. DMEA as a Category 1A "Trusted Source"
    • GaN foundry services for high-power applications

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    To learn about strategic engagement opportunities with Qorvo Foundry Services, please contact your local sales person.

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    Innovative by Design

    Innovation happens by design at Qorvo. It's one of our guiding principles, along with scale, speed and product leadership. We do this to help our customers get their products to market faster, giving them the edge on superior performance.

    At Qorvo, we do more than spearhead industry-changing solutions though; we are a place to innovate and shape the future of the RF industry. Innovation runs deep in our core, and it all starts with our people. Qorvo's employees create and enable the breakthrough technologies and solutions that set Qorvo apart and have kept us at the forefront of the mobile, defense and aerospace, and infrastructure industries for more than 30 years.

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