Qorvo's Antenna Switch & Routing Portfolio

    Improve System Efficiency and Reduce Complexity of the RF System

    Qorvo connects RF for all 5G use cases.

    Multiple Portfolios Address Antenna Performance

    Qorvo connects RF for all 5G use cases.

    Antenna Switch Modules

    RF Flex Gen 2

    • Good performance SP5T + SP6/8T and SP6T+10T split ASM for CA application
    • Integrated GSM low-pass filters (IL < 1dB)
    • Broadband performance: 0.5-3.8GHz
    • RFFE interface
    • Small solution size
    • DC blocking capacitors are not required in typical applications
    • Direct VBATT connection (2.4-5.5V)
    • > 1kV HBM ESD protection

    Routing Switches

    RF Flex Gen 3

    • Low insertion loss and high isolation
    • Excellent linearity and harmonic performance for use in wireless communication systems
    • Broadband performance: 0.5-3.0GHz
    • Optimized for carrier aggregation architectures
    • State-of-the-art insertion loss and harmonic performance
    • Integrated diplexer allows for a compact, easy-to-implement solution
    • Very low-current consumption

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