Qorvo's broadband technology and expansive portfolio offers an easy upgrade path for architectures support DOCSIS standards. Our products are designed for maximum flexibility and functionality. Faster time to market. Reduced deployment and operation costs.

    • Pre-driver gain blocks
    • Push-pulls and power doublers in both module and MCM form
    • General-purpose gain blocks that support FTTx, xPON system solutions
    • Edge QAM amps and VGAs, drop amps and all active RF blocks within the optical node
    • Return path solutions in module and MCM form that operate from 5 MHz to 300 MHz
    • A growing line of control products including 75-ohm absorptive switches and glitchless digital step attenuators
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    Our comprehensive CATV product line gives cable broadband service providers many options, with maximum design flexibility and functionality while conserving power and reducing PCB space.

    Industry-Standard Packaging Options
    SOT115J hybrid modules, multi-chip modules (MCMs), SOT89, QFN, SOIC8 and SOIC16W.

    High-Performance Process Technologies Optimized for Broadband Networks
    Qorvo's GaN HEMT technology and GaN-on-SiC and GaAs processes provide superior return loss, low power consumption, high reliability and unconditional stability under all terminations.

    Seamless Integration of Multiple Functional Components into a Single Package
    Provides an easy-to-integrate solution so equipment designers and manufacturers can bring their systems to market faster.

    Temperature-Sensing Pins
    To expedite and optimize reflow during PCB assembly.

    Adjustable Gain and Current Control
    Gives operators flexibility to save on power consumption and operating costs.