Optimizing efficiency, power consumption and size is key for radar applications. Qorvo’s new compact, three-stage power solution for phased array system designs provides configurable GaN bias point autocalibration and gives engineers the flexibility to optimize system performance for different GaN power amplifiers (PAs) without changing the board design.

    Combining a constant-current capacitor charger (ACT43950), RFPoL drain regulator (ACT43850) and drain switch and negative gate regulator (ACT43750), the highly configurable chipset supports bias sequencing and autocalibration of the GaN PA for aging and temperature compensation.

    The embedded power control and the innovative new architecture of this radar chipset solution reduces capacitance by up to 90%, resulting in a significantly smaller footprint, reduced weight and lower overall operating costs.

    • Bias sequencing
    • Autocalibration for temperature and aging compensation
    • Reduced capacitance: only 100uF needed for 1KW pulse
    • Configurable Vdrain: 20V - 55V up to 20A
    • Drain switching below 100ns
    • Minimized noise and EMI

    Power Radar Chipset

    The following evaluation board is available only for qualified design opportunities.
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    The CB1-750-850-950 evaluation board combines Power Management, Silicon Carbide (SiC) and RF GaN technologies to provide a system solution that allows customers to test the performance of this three-stage solution with a wide set of RF GaN PAs. The evaluation board’s intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) allows customers to reconfigure the default settings to optimize performance for their specific PA. It demonstrates the reduced bulk capacitor requirements and gate bias autocalibration and can be used to evaluate the individual stages or the entire three-chip solution with an RF PA, enabling faster time to market.

    Power Radar Chipset Board - front and back

    Part Number Description
    ACT43950 Constant-current capacitor charger
    ACT43850 RF Point-of-Load (RFPoL) step-down DC-DC controller
    ACT43750 Drain switch and negative gate voltage regulator
    CB1-750-850-950 Radar chipset evaluation board
    UJ4C075060B7S SiC FET 750V/60mOhm


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