When varied backgrounds, experiences and ideas converge, great things are bound to happen. We truly believe that each person brings unique perspectives that help expand our thoughts and broaden our reach. This is why we are committed to ensuring that at Qorvo everyone is equally championed, valued, included, and understood.

    And we have the measures in place to safeguard our commitment.

    Diversity and inclusion principles are threaded across the entire company and are included in all of our training, activities, guidelines, processes and programs. So, no matter where one sits within Qorvo – from engineering, manufacturing, corporate management to human resources – they are equipped with the knowledge and capabilities to welcome and embrace diversity and advocate for inclusion.

    As a testimony of our commitment to nurturing an all-embracing workplace, we created Qorvo Employee Networks or “QNet.” These voluntary, employee-driven groups provide a chance for people to connect through shared interests and goals, and spur growth through professional and personal development. Currently, we have five groups:

    Veterans Enablement & Troop Support (V.E.T.S.)
    Its mission is to recognize, connect, engage, and focus the energy and experience of Qorvo's Service members Community – including Active Duty, Guard/Reserve, Veterans and their family members.

    Women in Tech (WIT)
    The group aspires to foster a culture where women thrive through an inclusive forum that promotes career development and mutual growth for all involved.

    Its aim is to cultivate an environment that inspires the next generation of employees and seeks to continue the company’s legacy of being an awesome place to work by enriching and encouraging each other.

    I:Q is a forum for open dialogue and learning. It bolsters Qorvo's existing commitment to nurture the inclusiveness and diversity of all employees – independent of backgrounds, genders, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, religions, gender identities/expressions, and cultures.

    Qorvo Amateur Radio Group
    A group that fosters community among global employees interested in applying RF technology and electronics in the amateur radio realm. This knowledge exchange includes topics such as communication technologies, FCC frequency allocations, radio wave propagation, antennas, transmitter, receiver and power amplifier design.

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