November 20, 2019

    Implementing a silicon carbide-based design can deliver significant efficiency and overall performance improvements to your end system. In this webinar, we address the different situations power designers might face today when upgrading from a silicon (Si) based design, starting a new silicon carbide (SiC) based design or finding an alternative for an existing SiC design. You’ll be introduced to the newest generation of SiC ICs and learn the key design tips for making the SiC implementation simple, accurate and timely.

    Webinar Outline:
    -Design situations Si/SiC power designers face today
    -Describe 5 key design tips for easy SiC implementation
    -Present case studies
    -Totem Pole PFC
    -High Voltage Phase Shift Full Bridge
    -Drop-in Replacement for Si Super-Junction MOSFET