November 1, 2017

    5G not only increases your connection speed, it is ultra-reliable and everywhere. 5G makes use of technologies originally used for defense, like millimeter waves, massive MIMO and beamforming to fulfill the promise of universal connectivity. Find out more on our 5G Innovation page, and download our 5G RF For Dummies® e-book.

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    • Applications
      5G Infrastructure

      We provide highly integrated solutions for sub-6 GHz massive MIMO technologies as well as advanced mmWave components for 5G infrastructure.

    • Innovation
      5G The Future of RF

      Qorvo is the standard setter – participating in standards bodies and partnering with wireless carriers – to define 5G RF for the future.

    • Innovation
      Gallium Nitride (GaN)

      Discover how Qorvo’s GaN technology is advancing defense, aerospace and commercial applications.

    • Applications
      Wireless Infrastructure

      Qorvo has an extensive product portfolio supporting wireless infrastructure equipment.