March 2, 2015

    The use of mobile devices is growing exponentially and driving a vast increase in mobile data consumption around the globe. A growing amount of consumer content is being uploaded and shared to the cloud every day, enabling access from anywhere at any time. However, sending all of this information is not easy for devices and their RF solutions designed for portability. Higher data rates often mean more power consumption. Moreover, while yesterday's power management methods are useful, they do not meet the growing demand to share mobile content. Enter Envelope Tracking, an innovative technology that uses data transmission information to make the most efficient use of battery power. With Qorvo's envelope tracking, power applied the power amplifier is constantly adjusted so it operates at peak efficiency for real-time output power requirements. The result is less heat, longer battery life, improved signal quality, and extended network coverage. Qorvo's envelope tracking is already being widely deployed, and is a ready-to-use solution available today. ET is one of many Qorvo technologies leading the next wave of RF innovations for the new era of connectivity helping the Internet of Things be more efficient, and making the world a greener place.