September 28, 2020

    Join Mike Zhu, UnitedSiC Applications Engineer, and learn how a simple RC snubber can effectively control turn-off VDS spikes and ringing of SiC devices and be “surprisingly” more efficient than using a high Rgoff resistor. Also, Mr. Zhu will show how the snubber resistor loss can be much smaller than the conventional calculation, therefore allowing the use of SMD resistors. Waveforms and switching loss data will demonstrate the excellent performance of SiC devices with a small RC snubber. Finally, Mr. Zhu will show how using a snubber can improve the dual compatibility of fast SiC devices.

    Scope of discussion:
    - Turn-off VDS spike with fast SiC devices
    - Root cause and viable solutions
    - Snubber vs Rgoff
    - Effectiveness
    - Switching loss
    - Summary
    - Design support