September 8, 2017

    The "Internet of Things" (IoT) and "smart home" are modern-day buzz words, but more and more people possess smart devices that are connected to one another. What is the real power of the IoT? What exactly is the IoT? And how can it positively change our daily lives?

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    • Applications
      Internet of Things

      Qorvo's innovative portfolio enables the smart home, smart energy and other IoT applications.

    • Products
      IoT Controllers

      Qorvo's ultra-low-power, wireless data communication controller chips enable applications for the smart home and IoT.

    • Brochures
      Qorvo Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

      Learn about our ultra-low-power, low-cost products for the IoT and smart homes.

    • E-Books
      Internet of Things For Dummies®

      Download Qorvo's "IoT For Dummies®" e-books to help you understand the IoT and its impact on our day-to-day lives.