Power Research Electronics BV 10kW Bidirectional Charger Module

    “We design and produce highly graded and innovative power electronics where the optimum solution for the customer’s requirements is always our goal. SiC switching technology from UnitedSiC [now Qorvo] has helped PRE in achieving this.”

    Menno Kardolus
    Managing Director, Power Research Electronics B.V.

    Power Research Electronics Made their Bidirectional Charge an Industry Leader Using UnitedSiC [now Qorvo] 1200V FETs

    There are a few misconceptions about SiC. Less losses and better efficiency but with a significant price adder and requires redesign when upgrading from Si. Using the UnitedSiC [now Qorvo] 1200V FETs, learn what Power Research Electronics (PRE) did to make their new 10kW bidirectional charger module an industry leader.