While we look at GPS as a given these days, pinpointing a position from anywhere on the globe takes a massive amount of infrastructure and technology, including orbital telecommunications and navigation satellites. For decades, Qorvo's space products including GaAs amplifiers, switches and filter technology have been aboard orbital payloads, including Boeing communications and navigation satellites.

    In fact, more than 250,000 Qorvo components have launched aboard orbital payloads such as communications and navigation satellites. These orbital payloads support critical programs, like Boeing's Spaceway, which support broadband data, telecommunications and GPS.

    With a deep legacy of space product development and space-qualified technology, Qorvo components offer the rugged dependability needed for the challenging conditions of space and, most importantly, communications back to Earth.

    Qorvo in Orbit
    • Applications

      Explore space-qualified technology: 250,000 launched components including PAs, LNAs, gain blocks, switches, attenuators, phase shifters and VCOs.

    • Products

      Offering a wide selection of amplifiers, with many gain and P1dB levels and different package types.

    • Products
      Discrete Switches

      Qorvo offers a wide range of discrete switch technologies to support your unique switching requirements.

    • Products
      Filters & Duplexers

      Qorvo's portfolio of filters, duplexers and multiplexers offers you advanced solutions that simplify your designs.