Connecting the Human HeartQorvo filters can be found in many places, doing amazing work. In fact, Qorvo filters play an integral role in monitoring a patient's pacemaker, actively assisting a heart in need, and transmitting pertinent medical data to the patient's doctor.

    How does this work? A leading medical device company manufactures the pacemaker with a tiny radio component. This radio transmits to a receiver near the patient that captures data and forwards it to the patient's doctor — monitoring the health of the pacemaker and the patient's heart.

    Pacemaker batteries are designed to last many years, so the components within need to ensure the radio is also incredibly efficient and durable. Qorvo's filter technology helps to increase the range and efficiency of the radio over its passband frequency, which improves performance and extends the unit's battery life. We're proud of the many ways our products perform, and the technology inside life-saving pacemakers is a perfect example.

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