Headquarters: France

    Region(s) Served: EMEA

    Bondzai is a French startup company. At Bondzai, we have rethought the relationship between the human, the machine, and its operating environment to design the first AI industry-specific on-device software-defined AIoT system: DavinSy the AioT embedded system and its configuration web tool: Maestro.

    DavinSy enables continuous learning to adapt the performance of its AI model in real time in case of changes and variations from field data without relying on the cloud, compatible to Edge, Gateway, Controllers even smart sensors hardware, this breakthrough in Edge AI was made possible by a patented next-generation deep learning engine that is 10,000 times more efficient than existing engines.

    Our product is specific to all Industrial and professional use cases speech recognition and sound processing, motion-gesture detection, object-person of interest recognition, and time series processing for human-machine interface, failure detection, predictive maintenance, operation control. We target manufacturers (BtC, BtB, BtBtC) of connected devices, finished products and smart sensors.

    Bondzai's DavinSy, combined with Qorvo's UWB products, provides a complete AI+DSP solution for the endless uses of ultra-wideband (UWB) in industry. UWB is attracting a lot of attention in the field of indoor positioning and gesture recognition, due to its great ability to achieve high accuracy in localization and telemetry. DavinSy incorporates next-generation deep learning and signal processing artificial intelligence techniques to augment the capability of UWB sensors and improve customization and accuracy performance in multiple use cases and without cloud or server connectivity.

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    DavinSy is a deep learning system in a hardware independent library that you can integrate in your application. It handles for you the data collection and storage, the construction in real time of several models, the preprocessing of raw data, and the execution of sequences of model inferences depending on your business rules. Finally, it offers a secure and remote administration system enabling the monitoring and maintenance of your AioT devices in the field.



    Maestro is the companion tool of DavinSy. It helps device maker throughout the whole product introduction process from evaluation to maintenance on the field. At evaluation phase Maestro helps you design your own data processing flow including preprocessing, model configuration, post processing and test it rapidly on a small sample of data directly on Bondzai's cloud. At this phase you can even stream data from your sensor to the agent on the cloud. When the flow is ready, Maestro will generate for you the library for your own hardware target and will allow you to test it in real conditions on the real hardware. Even when the agent is on the device, Maestro will allow you to monitor and fine tune its different parameters.


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