Headquarters: Finland

    Region(s) Served: EMEA, Latin America, North America

    Noccela has been a forerunner in deploying UWB for RTLS IoT since 2014. Both our software and hardware are designed and manufactured in-house to support use cases of our partners. We provide end-to-end solutions for retail environments and contact tracing. For other industries we have positioning-as-a-service which provides APIs for location data collection and a workflow engine for process management. Two-way communications enable deployed tags to be updated and configured on the go. Many of our customers are industrial companies who want to increase profits while increasing safety. Data is processed in the cloud or on customer premises. A minimal amount of anchors is needed to cover a wide area, and the system can track unlimited number of tags without signal distortion. The tags come in several forms for item and person tracking with features such as audible user feedback, andon and call buttons. Our system has been proven to work in demanding multi-floor retail environments and deployed in various other verticalized applications with our global partner network covering all industry sectors.

    Most distinguishing feature of Noccela when compared to other UWB providers is that we have developed our own way to utilize UWB called HPR (high performance ranging) instead of utilizing TWR (two-way ranging) or TDoA (time difference of arrival). You can read more about this game changing technology on the HPR product information section. Another noteworthy distinguishing feature is that we provide proven to work end-to-end solutions and a workflow engine in addition to just providing API for 3rd party applications and integrations. Our most comprehensive solutions are smart retail and contact tracing. You can read more about smart retail on its product information section. We utilize Noccela badge for contact tracing and many other use cases. You can read more on Noccela Badge product information section.


    Performance Ranging (HPR)

    We launched a new paradigm in the UWB industry called High Performance Ranging (HPR) which provides the best features of Time Difference on Arrival (TDoA) and Two Way Ranging (TWR) in indoor and outdoor positioning. Combining expansive areal coverage of anchors, massive tag amounts, two-way communications and hyper high accuracy with long battery life. HPR is the new standard that winning real time positioning solutions are built on. HPR has been developed to meet the needs of clients in multiple industries and scenarios. After years of development and rigorous real-world testing, HPR has reached maturity and scalability.

    Performance indicators of the system include:

    • 1-5 years battery life depending on use case
    • Up to 500 square meters coverage per anchor with hyper high accuracy depending on the environment
    • Amount of anchors can be adjusted depending on accuracy requirements
    • Customer's engineers have measured maximum of 2 cm positioning error on our most accurate installation while moving 60 km/h
    • Limitless amount of tags
    • Up to 896 active online tags in a single radio coverage area when positioning frequency is 1 Hz. Lowering positioning frequency to 0.25 Hz quadruples the maximum amount to 3584
    • Two-way communications including over-the-air updates
    Performance Ranging (HPR)

    Noccela ID Badge

    Noccela badge is a smart ID badge holder which utilizes UWB technology. It can be used as a RTLS (real-time locating system) tag with Noccela's anchor network or it can be used as an independent P2P (peer to peer) tag without anchor network or with limited anchor network.

    It brings ideas like detailed automatic working time monitoring, visitor access management, tools activation/deactivation, indoor navigation, social distancing, contact tracing, lonely worker safety, employee compliance monitoring, zonal lighting control, HVAC control, and location aware panic buttons in to reality. It has a button, RGB LED and piezoelectric speaker for interaction and it can be charged with a typical USB-C charger or with a mass charging station.

    The USB-C port can also be used for attaching it to your PC and using it as a UWB adapter. When in proximity of Noccela's UWB anchor, you can also access it thought Noccela's API and develop your own custom applications.

    Noccela ID Badge

    Noccela Smart Retail

    Today's retail can expect huge gains in conversion and reduction in losses by digitalizing the shop floor operations. Noccela's smart retail solution empowers the staff with seamless location awareness that prevents theft and alerts to upsale opportunities at the right moment. Our IoT security tags provide all-encompassing protection of high value items and gather data throughout the shopping journey in a way that has only been possible for e-commerce.

    Our system is so effective for EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) that traditional means such as cabling down jackets and usage of foil-lined bags can be eliminated, making theft prevention invisible and greatly improving the customer experience and brand perception. Furthermore, the system can determine when an item is being handled, and alert the staff on site to close the sale before the customer browses off to a competitor. This also makes it easier to suggest upsales of related items well before the customer's shopping journey ends at the point of sale.

    Based on real-time tracking of items and carts, our solution will provide actionable data for the store staff for:

    • Improving the security and productivity
    • Providing a tailormade customer service
    • Focusing on paid customers and upselling

    Our solution provides also data for the management team:

    • Analyzing floor performance and response times
    • Predictive queue management
    • Customer behavior data
    • Brand interest data
    • Sales forecasting
    Noccela Smart Retail

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