Headquarters: India

    Region(s) Served: APAC, EMEA, Latin America, North America

    PathPartner offers complete hardware and software design services for building UWB-based smart devices and solutions. Coupled with our suite of UWB reference solutions, which include RTLS solution, UWB evaluation kit and safe distancing solution, we provide complete foundation for building advanced UWB solutions in an accelerated manner.

    Founded in 2006, PathPartner is a specialist in product engineering, providing concept-to-production services to customers across automotive, consumer electronics, broadcast, medical and internet-of-things domains. Through innovative technologies built around deep learning, computer vision, ultra-wideband, multimedia, imaging, and internet of things, we solve complex business challenges for our customers. Our comprehensive portfolio of services coupled with state-of-the-art technology building blocks, provides our customers with advantages of top of the line technologies, superior performance and faster time to market.

    Based out of Fremont, USA, Frankfurt, Germany and Bangalore, India, PathPartner has a proven track record of successfully delivering 300+ product development projects to over 100 clients.

    Products & Services

    Product Engineering Services

    Comprehensive hardware and software design services for building turnkey UWB products and solutions:

    • Hardware design and platform agnostic BSP code development and porting
    • UWB stack development, porting and optimization on embedded platforms and operating systems
    • Design and porting of UWB stack on mobile platforms and security integration
    • Enabling use-cases for ranging, positioning, tracking and P2P communication across consumer, automotive, industrial and enterprise sectors
    Product Engineering Services

    RTLS Reference Solution

    Micro location reference solution based on Qorvo's DW1000 chipset:

    • Hardware plus software solution
    • Reference hardware based on DW1000 chipset. Includes on-board peripherals such as motion detection sensors, NFC, GPS, altimeter etc. to enable fast prototyping
    • Software SDK built on RIOT OS includes all drivers and sample applications
    • Uses TDoA methodology to compute precise location.
    • Suitable for applications such as asset tracking, geo-fencing, navigation, and location aware apps.
    RTLS Reference Solution

    UWB Evaluation Kit

    Evaluation and rapid prototyping kit for building secure UWB applications:

    • Based on Qorvo's DWM1000 module. Supports 4 RF bands from 3.5 GHz to 6.5 GHz
    • STM32L562 based on Cortex-M33
    • FreeRTOS with UWB Stack integration, TrustZoneM integrated
    • Can be used along with development boards like Raspberry Pi, Beagle bone, Arduino etc.
    • Applications: Smart access control, ranging and data transfer over UWB applications
    UWB Evaluation Kit

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