May 29, 2015 – Qorvo™ is a proud participant in two upcoming GaN webinars in June, both hosted by Microwave Journal. Hear our GaN experts at the following complimentary online events:

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    Online Panel Session:
    "GaN Going Mainstream"
    Tues., June 16, 2015
    8am PT / 11am ET / 3pm UTC
    James Nelson Register to Listen
    Technical Education Webinar Series:
    "Qorvo GaN on SiC: 15 Years of Reliability and Producibility"
    Wed., June 17, 2015
    8am PT / 11am ET / 3pm UTC
    Jose Jimenez

    Abstract – "GaN Going Mainstream"
    Moderated by well-known amplifier designer and GaN expert, Ray Pengelly, this online panel of GaN experts from leading manufacturers and OEMs – including Qorvo, Freescale Semiconductor and MACOM – will discuss their company’s strengths in GaN technology and answer questions about the major market opportunities for GaN to reach widespread commercialization. Each panelist will review their company’s latest capabilities and then take questions from the audience about GaN performance, reliability, system cost reduction, improved efficiency, wider bandwidths, etc., in relation to major market opportunities.

    Presenter: James Nelson, Product Line Manager, Base Station Power

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    Abstract – "Qorvo GaN on SiC: 15 Years of Reliability and Producibility"
    In this webinar, Qorvo will review the status of GaN technology today, and the few still remaining challenges. After 15 years of government and private industry investment, GaN on SiC RF FET technology is today a reality. Steadily, the traction of GaN on SiC technology has increased among many businesses and today, you can find GaN on SiC FET technology on radars, base stations and cable TV products. GaN on SiC market penetration has been driven not just by the outstanding intrinsic RF performance showed almost from day one, but by the advancements on the understanding of its physics of failure and the consequent improvements of its reliability. Emphasis will be given to the aspects unique to GaN on SiC; improvements on GaN on SiC producibility, including some of the data accumulated over 15 years of fabrication.

    Presenter: Jose Jimenez, Device Engineer and Fellow, IDP Research