LAS VEGAS, NV and SAN FRANCISCO, CA – January 5, 2016 – Decawave, specializing in precise location and connectivity applications, will demonstrate its technology integrated into a research vehicle at CES. Decawave today announced a strategic partnership with Jaguar Land Rover to explore the future possibilities for Decawave's state-of-the-art connectivity technology in automotive applications.

    At CES, Decawave will demonstrate a vision for the seamless transition between connected home, connected car and connected objects. In collaboration with Decawave customer Pixie, soon your home could communicate with your car as you walk toward it, making you aware that you left your laptop sitting on the counter as you rushed out of the door to work. The technology will be shown in a Jaguar F-PACE research vehicle taking pride of place in the Intel booth

    "There is increasing demand for highly-accurate location solutions from the connected home to personal belongings up to the connected car as consumers want their car to be an extension of their personal bubble," said Luc Darmon, Decawave's Chief Marketing Officer. "The potential for the connected car is huge. Through connected car technologies, automotive OEMs are already bringing the power of the Internet into our vehicles. Our vision is to further enhance the driver experience, offering a range of navigation, safety, security and convenience benefits enabled by Decawave's location and connectivity technology," said Darmon.

    "Our work with integrating technology for CES is a major milestone for Decawave. The adoption of UWB technology in the automotive industry will allow us to continue to develop the company on a solid foundation," said Graeme Walker, Decawave's Chief Financial Officer."

    Connecting home, car and objects will be made possible via Decawave's wireless technology for precise location and connectivity applications. It can identify the specific location of any object – laptop, phone- or person – within an accuracy of 10 cm with greater than 99% reliability.