High demand for the Power Application Controller® (PAC) and industry-leading Analog Power IC's have led to multiple years of strong growth.

    DALLAS, TX – September 10, 2018 – With company revenues more than tripling over the past 3 years and continuing to grow greater than 50% in 2019, Active-Semi's Headquarters is moving to a much larger facility. The new facility will offer much needed room as Active-Semi continues hiring the best engineering talent in the industry. The new Headquarters is located at 3305 Matrix Drive, Suite 200, Richardson, Texas 75082 and will house a portion of the company's 150 worldwide employees.

    "With the tremendous success of our field programmable power products, battery management devices and our PAC solutions we've come to the point that we have outgrown our current location. We need more space for employees and laboratories. This new facility gives us exactly that." says Larry Blackledge, CEO of Active-Semi. "The rate of SSD adoption continues to accelerate due to its inherently superior performance, reliability and increasing affordability. Similarly, BLDC and PMSM motors are delivering dramatic improvements in efficiency and durability for power tools, home appliances, and a broadening array of applications. Active-Semi is at the forefront of enabling these key market shifts with the company's industry-leading solutions in both of these areas."

    The company's rapid growth is being fueled by a dramatic shift in two of the industry's largest markets. Hard-disk drives (HDD) moving to Solid State Disk (SSD) and historic motor designs converging on Brushless DC and Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (BLDC and PMSM). Active-Semi provides industry-leading solutions in both areas.

    The PAC Family of devices is an all-inclusive single IC solution for intelligent control of BLDC and PMSM motors. The architecture integrates high-voltage gate drivers, configurable AFE (Analog Front End), power management and ARM® Cortex® 32-bit processor along with additional versatile peripherals. It includes a firmware library of Back EMF and Field Oriented Control (FOC) algorithms that can be implemented with or without Hall sensors. The PAC solutions range from 44 to 600 volts and from an economical ARM® Cortex® M0 to a powerful Cortex® M4F.

    Active-Semi's Power Management ICs (PMIC) for SSDs enables the greatest power density for customers' memory & controller needs. Active-Semi's family of PMICs provide benchmark performance and flexibility in the smallest footprint and excel by utilizing patented Programmable Analog features. Characteristics and features of the Programmable Analog ICs can be individually set, modified, and controlled via on-board non-volatile memory settings. The programmable voltage levels, currents, slew-rates, push-button control, and other options are field programmable via I2C, set via GPIOs, or by factory preset.

    "The motor market is huge and moving to BLDC and PMSM. Every person may own only one mobile phone, but each person owns roughly 70 motors, even if they don't realize it. Today a mid-priced automobile has 40 plus electric motors which control power seats, windows, ventilation, drive-train, etc. and at home there are refrigerators, power tools, garden tools, vacuums, hair-dryers and many more. The market's move to BLDC and PMSM motors is accelerating rapidly towards reduced size, lower weight and better energy efficiency, and we have the leading single-IC solution!", says Larry Blackledge, CEO of Active-Semi International. "The SSD market is another hyper growth area and we have a family of field programmable Power ICs providing a perfect fit for dense memory solutions such as M.2, U2, etc."

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