Introducing The New Sub-harmonic Mixer Product Category

    Custom MMIC is excited to announce a new product category, adding to its growing list of high performance MMICs, with the introduction of three new GaAs Sub-harmonic mixers. The CMD303, CMD310/C3 MMICs cover frequency ranges of 13-21 GHz and 20-32 GHz respectively, with excellent conversion loss and isolation.

    Sub-harmonic mixers are driven by a local oscillator (LO) signal that is an integer fraction, or sub-harmonic, of the desired LO frequency. This eases the design, layout and cost of the LO source for microwave frequency designs.

    These new mixers operate with a x2 LO, meaning the user needs to provide the mixer with an LO at half the desired mixing frequency.

    Part # Description Frequency Range (GHz) Conversion Loss (dB) Package Type
    CMD303 Sub-harmonic Mixer 13 – 21 8.5 Die
    CMD310 Sub-harmonic Mixer 20 - 32 9.5 Die
    CMD310C3 Sub-harmonic Mixer 20 - 32 9.5 Ceramic 3x3 mm QFN

    Introducing The New GaAs DC to 20 GHz Distributed Amplifier that Delivers Best-in-class Performance

    Custom MMIC is proud to introduce a new GaAs Distributed Amplifier operating in the popular DC - 20 GHz frequency range, targeting Instrumentation and EW applications. The CMD244K5 offers very flat gain and low noise figure across the band. This MMIC also has high P1dB and IP3, yielding a high dynamic range. All this performance is neatly integrated in a small 5mm x 5mm plastic air-cavity surface mount QFN package. This new, high performance distributed amplifier continues Custom MMIC’s aggressive efforts to deliver the best performing GaAs and GaN MMICs in the industry.

    We've Expanded Our High Performance GaAs Portfolio with Three New Wideband Double Balanced Mixers

    Custom MMIC continues the rapid expansion of its standard product portfolio with three new additions to its GaAs MMIC mixer portfolio. The CMD312, CMD313 and CMD253 are wideband GaAs double balanced mixers, operating from 4 to 28, 6 to 45 and 6 to 14 GHz respectively. These new MMICs are intended to support emerging wide bandwidth applications in Test Equipment, Instrumentation, Aerospace and Defense. All three mixers feature low conversion gain and high isolation performance. They are offered in die form, with a packaged version already available in the CMD253 and planned for the CMD312 and CMD313.