February 3, 2020, Princeton, New Jersey— UnitedSiC [Now Qorvo] has introduced the UF3SC065030D8 and UF3SC065040D8; the industry’s lowest RDS(on) SiC FETs available in the popular low-profile DFN 8×8 surface-mount package. The 650V devices replace two standard silicon devices, enabling engineers to build switching circuits with greater efficiency and higher power density than is possible with a discrete design approach.

    Applications are expected to include LLC (inductor-inductor capacitor) and PSFB (phase-shifted full-bridge) power conversion at 50 – 500KHz in wireless and telecoms systems, as well as standard hard switched applications in PFC (Power factor correction).

    The UF3SC065030D8S is a 650V SiC FET with an RDS(on) of 34mΩ, while the UF3SC065040D8S is a 650V SiC FET with an RDS(on) of 45mΩ. These are the lowest RDS(on) figures for switching devices in this voltage class available in the DFN 8×8 package. Both SiC FETs have a current rating of 18A (limited by wire count in the package), and a maximum operating temperature of 150C.

    The parts employ the UnitedSIC unique stack cascode configuration to co-package a normally-on SiC JFET with a Si MOSFET, producing a normally-off SiC FET device. The SiC FETs can be driven at 0 to 10V or 0 to 12V, and their gate-drive characteristics match those of standard Si FETs, IGBTs and SiC MOSFETs. The parts also feature a Kelvin gate return to enable cleaner drive characteristics.

    The SiC FETs are pin-compatible, ‘drop-in’ improvements to other switching devices available in the DFN 8×8 package. Because their lower power dissipation enables switching at higher frequencies, designers can achieve greater conversion efficiency and greater power density in designs where space is at a premium. In addition, the low-profile DFN 8×8 surface-mount package supports a low-inductance design. Very low junction-to-case thermal resistance is achieved by using sintered silver die attach technology.

    The UnitedSiC UF3SC065030D8S and UF3SC065040D8S have ultra-low gate charge and exceptional reverse recovery characteristics, making them ideal for switching inductive loads in any application that uses a standard gate drive. It also makes them applicable in high-frequency designs, since driver loss is minimal at switching frequencies of up to 500KHz. As the parts are robust with a low reverse recovery charge (Qrr), they handle hard switched operation with ease.

    All devices feature built in ESD protection, and the DFN8x8 devices are rated for MSL3.
    UF3SC065030D8S – $ 10.92
    UF3SC065040D8S – $ 7.70