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    Greensboro, NC, May 24, 2023 – Qorvo® (Nasdaq: QRVO), a leading global provider of connectivity and power solutions, today introduced three best-in-class solid state power amplifiers (SSPAs) for commercial and defense communications, radar, electronic warfare (EW) and other wideband applications. The QPB2040N, QPB0220N and QPB0618N, part of Qorvo's innovative Spatium® SSPA portfolio, provide an excellent alternative to traveling wave tube amplifiers (TWTAs).

    Qorvo's QPB2040N SSPA operates in the frequency range of 18-40 GHz, spanning the K and Ka bands. With its wideband output power performance (100W CW) in a compact size of less than 50 cubic inches, it is the ideal building block for various millimeter-wave subsystems in wide-ranging applications. The QPB2040N is equipped with an integrated bias card, which reduces electrical losses in the bias networks and provides individualized bias settings for each amplifier blade in the SSPA, as well as drain pulsing for superior power savings and noise performance. The QPB2040N unites Qorvo's market leadership in GaN technology and wideband MMIC design with high efficiency spatial combining technology for a best-in-class solution to power amplification.

    The new QPB0220N and QPB0618N SSPAs are solid state, spatial combining amplifiers operating in the S, C, X and Ku bands. With their optimized output power, gain and power added efficiency over their respective frequency ranges, these Spatium SSPAs further expand Qorvo's family of products to support a growing industry need for modular, scalable, reliable and fully tested products.

    Doug Bostrom, general manager of Qorvo's Defense and Aerospace group for High Performance Analog products, said, "Qorvo proves once again we can deliver superior and reliable SSPA solutions. The QPB2040N, QPB0220N and QPB0618N SSPAs feature patented and field-proven spatial combining technology applied to Qorvo MMICs in a compact size and low weight, achieving the size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C) needs of EW and radar manufacturers."

    Over the wide frequency bands and over temperature at CW conditions, Spatium SSPAs provide higher output power and efficiency than any other known solid-state products in the industry. Compared to TWTAs, the QPB0220N covers a wider frequency band than any other available product. Spatium SSPAs provide a more reliable, easier to use solution with reduced size, weight and total cost of ownership, as compared to solutions based on their closest TWTA counterparts.

    Part Number Frequency Range (GHz) CW Output Power (Watts) CW Gain (dB) CW PAE (%) Vd (V) Dimensions of amplifier + bias card (inches)
    QPB2040N 18-40 80-126 10-12 8-14 18 3.9 x 2.9 x 4.0
    QPB0220N 2-18 120-263 8-11 10-25 18 11.3 x 3.4 x 3.4
    QPB0618N 6-18 162-288 9-12 15-25 18 12.5 x 3.4 x 3.4

    With renowned repeatability in high-volume manufacturing, Qorvo is well positioned to support market demand and customer roll-out schedules. All of Qorvo's Spatium SSPAs are manufactured in the U.S. Learn more about Qorvo's power amplifier technology at www.qorvo.com/spatium.

    Connect with us at IMS (#IMS2023), June 11-16, in San Diego, California. For more information about Qorvo's solutions, announcements and meeting inquiries, visit our Qorvo IMS 2023 page.

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