Press Releases

    - Qorvo to Showcase Innovations in SPICE Simulation SiC Modules and Battery Management at APEC 2024
    - Qorvo Boosts Performance in 750V EV Designs with Industry-leading SiC FET in D2PAK
    - Qorvo Introduces 1200V SiC Modules in Compact E1B Package

    APEC 2024 Presentations

    Mike EngelhardtQSPICE™: Level-Up on the Next Generation of SPICE Circuit Simulation
    Mike Engelhardt

    Qorvo has introduced the industry’s latest and best free simulation tool, QSPICE. ​ Mike Engelhardt, creator of the QSPICE simulator, has leveraged his experience authoring thousands of mixed-mode simulation models to develop a reliable power and analog simulation tool with unparalleled speed and accuracy, along with the ability to incorporate massive amounts of digital logic.

    Surge Current Handling Capability of SiC FETs
    Xuoeqing Li

    Xuoeqing LiHear about how the surge current can withstand the breaking capability of a 1200V-2mΩ SiC FET. This session will discuss the needed device output characteristics, turn-off characteristics and thermal impedance. See an electro-thermal model which has been constructed to determine the time-current characteristics of a device. The experimental results show that the device can reliably withstand and turn off a surge current more than seven times its continuous current rating at the maximum-rated junction temperature. The excellent surge current handling capability proves that SiC FETs are excellent candidates for solid-state circuit protection applications.

    High-Frequency Soft-Switching is Hard, but SiC FETs Simplify Design Effort
    Mike Zhu

    Mike ZhuWhile conduction losses are unavoidable in any power converter, the advent of soft-switching techniques reduce power losses, enabling higher efficiency and simplifying the design effort to reach efficiency targets such as 80 Plus Titanium. The reduced switching energy loss in the FET during every cycle has enabled the use of smaller magnetic components such as inductors and transformers, resulting in higher power density. This presentation is for beginners and intermediate engineers and provides a detailed review of the concept of soft-switching with particular attention to the behavior of the power FET and what electrical parameters of the FET are most relevant for soft switching. The specific benefits brought by wide bandgap semiconductors such as Silicon Carbide versus traditional Silicon super junction MOSFETs are explained.