Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Module Arduino Shield

    Key Features

    • Interoperable with Apple U1 chip (Beta Evaluation)
    • Compatible with Arduino Uno Shield form factor
    • Supports UWB channels 5 (6.5 GHz) and 9 (8 GHz)
    • Fully aligned with FiRa™ PHY, MAC and certification development
    • Incorporates the DWM3000 module containing DW3110 UWB IC and ceramic UWB antenna
    • On-board 3V3 DC-DC
    • Jumper allowing selection of the power supply and current consumption measurements
    • All module pins accessible via Arduino connectors

    Qorvo's DWM3000EVB is an Arduino form factor compatible shield designed for the evaluation of the DWM3000 ultra-wideband (UWB) module for use in a scalable real time location system (RTLS).

    This Arduino shield can be used with the customer's choice of microcontroller. The Arduino shield form factor is supported by many MCU vendors including STMicroelectronics, Nordic Semiconductor and more.

    The DWM3000EVB is designed to be compliant to the FiRa™ PHY and MAC specifications enabling interoperability with other FiRa™ compliant devices.

    The DWM3000EVB is interoperable with the Apple U1 chip (Beta Evaluation).

    DWM3000EVB was formerly known as DWS3000.

    Based On DW3110 IC
    Contents 1 Arduino shield with DWM3000 module
    Ideal For UWB Real Time Location System (RTLS) development while providing developers flexibility on MCU selection
    RoHS Yes
    Lead Free Yes
    ITAR Restricted No
    ECCN EAR99

    Nearby Interaction Beta Evaluation Software

    The Nearby Interaction Beta Evaluation Software enables developers to easily evaluate new app experiences based on location, distance and direction relative to a U1-equipped iPhone or Apple Watch.

    • Compatible with DWM3000EVB and Nordic nRF832/833 and 840 Design Kit
    • Download and flash binary to Design Kit target

    The Qorvo software related to Apple U1 interoperability is solely for your information and evaluation purposes. You shall not use the software related to Apple U1 interoperability to develop or make any device, accessory, software, or other product or service available for distribution to third parties or for sale, lease or license, or otherwise use the Qorvo software related to Apple U1 interoperability directly or indirectly, for any commercial purpose.

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