Dual Channel Switch LNA Module

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    End of Life announced May 26, 2022 (PCN 22-0081).
    Last Time Buy: December 10, 2022
    Recommended replacement for new designs: QPB9378
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    Key Features

    • 1.8 - 4.2 GHz Frequency Range
    • Dual channel
    • Second LNA has bypass mode
    • Max RF input power = 8W (8db PAR), TX Mode
    • 37 dB Gain (RX mode, High Gain state)
    • 19 dB Gain (RX mode, Low-gain state)
    • +34 dBm OIP3 (RX mode, High gain state)
    • +29.5 dBm OIP3 (RX mode, Low-gain state)
    • 1.8 V TTL logic compatibility on Ctrl lines
    • 3 - 5 V operation for switch and LNAs
    • Compact size, 7 x 7mm

    The QPB9319 is a highly integrated front-end module targeted for TDD base stations. The switch LNA module integrates a two-stage LNA and a high power switch in a dual channel configuration. The second stage LNA is capable of going into a bypass mode. Power down and bypass capability for the LNAs can be controlled with control pins on the module.

    The QPB9319 can be utilized across the 1.8 – 4.2 GHz range to provide 1.45 dB noise figure for operation in the receive mode and 0.7 dB insertion loss in the transmit mode at 2.7GHz. The LNAs utilize Qorvo’s high performance E-pHEMT process while the SOI technology based switch supports input RF power signals of up to 5W average power assuming 8 dB PAR. The product only needs a +5 V supply to operate the high power switch and the LNAs.

    The QPB9319 is packaged in a RoHS-compliant, compact 7 mm x 7 mm surface-mount leadless package. The switch LNA module is targeted for wireless infrastructure applications configured for TDD-based MIMO architectures. The module can be used for next generation 5G or pre-5G solutions or small cell base-station applications.

    Typical Applications

      • Wireless Infrastructure                    
      • Pre-5G, 4.5G, 5G Massive MIMO systems                    
      • TDD-based Architectures
    Frequency Min(GHz) 1.8
    Frequency Max(GHz) 4.2
    Channels 2
    Standards / Bands B33, B34, B38, B39, B40, B41, B42, B43, B48
    Insertion Loss(dB) 0.7
    Gain(dB) 37
    OP1dB(dBm) 19
    NF(dB) 1.45
    OIP3(dBm) 34
    Voltage(V) 5
    Current(mA) 120
    Package Type SMT
    Package(mm) 7.0 x 7.0
    RoHS Yes
    Lead Free Yes
    Halogen Free Yes
    ITAR Restricted No

    This product appears in the following application block diagrams:

    • Applications > Network Infrastructure > Wireless Infrastructure > Macro Base Station

      Macro Base Station

    • Applications > Network Infrastructure > Wireless Infrastructure > Repeaters / Boosters / DAS

      Repeaters / Boosters / DAS

    • Applications > Network Infrastructure > Wireless Infrastructure > Small Cells FDD

      Small Cells FDD

    • Applications > Network Infrastructure > Wireless Infrastructure > Small Cells TDD

      Small Cells TDD

    • Applications > Network Infrastructure > Wireless Infrastructure > 5G > 5G Sub-6 GHz Massive MIMO

      5G Sub-6 GHz Massive MIMO