5 - 6000 MHz Low Distortion SPDT Switch

    Key Features

    • 5MHz to 6GHz operation
    • Low Insertion Loss: 0.25dB at 2GHz
    • Harmonics:
      2fo of -106dBc at 1980MHz
      3fo of -94dBc at 1980MHz
    • High Isolation:
      56dB at 204MHz
      39dB at 2GHz
    • High IP3:
      76 dBm at 1.9GHz
    • Compatible with Low Voltage Logic
      (VHIGH Minimum = 1.3V)
    • No External DC Blocking Capacitors Required on RF Paths Unless DC is Applied Externally
    • 1000V HBM ESD rating on all ports

    The QPC1022 is a single pole dual-throw (SPDT) switch designed for switching applications requiring very low insertion loss and high power handling capability with minimal DC power consumption. The excellent linearity performance achieved by the QPC1022 makes it ideal for use in cellular base. This switch offers very high isolation between RF ports providing greater separation between transmit and receive paths. The QPC1022 is packaged in a very compact 1.1mm x 1.5mm x 0.375mm (typical) 9-Pin LGA package.

    Typical Applications

      • Cellular BTS
      • Post PA Switching
      • General Purpose Switching Applications
    Switch Type SPDT
    Absorptive/Reflective Reflective
    Frequency Min(MHz) 5
    Frequency Max(MHz) 6,000
    Insertion Loss(dB) 0.25
    Isolation(dB) 56
    Switching Speed(ns) 1,500
    IIP2(dBm) 129
    IIP3(dBm) 76
    IP0.1dB(dBm) 37
    Control Lines(#) 2
    Voltage(V) 1.8 to 2.7,
    0 to 0.45
    Current(mA) 0.052 to 0.1 high,
    0.002 to 0.005 low
    Package Type 9-pin LGA
    Package(mm) 1.1 x 1.5 x 0.375