24 - 34 GHz Image Reject Mixer DIE

    Key Features

    • Low Conversion Loss of 9 dB at 28 GHz
    • I, Q outputs
    • RF, LO Frequency Range: 24 to 34 GHz
    • IF Frequency Range: DC - 7 GHz
    • High image rejection of 25 dB
    • High LO/RF isolation > 40 dB at 28 GHz
    • DIE

    Qorvo's QPX0004D is a compact I/Q mixer in die form operating over the 24 to 34 GHz bandwidth that can be configured as an image reject mixer, a single sideband upconverter, or a QPSK modulator/demodulator.

    The QPX0004D utilizes two double balanced mixer cells and a 90⁰ hybrid on the LO port. An external 90⁰ hybrid on the IF port is required to complete the image rejection or sideband suppression.

    The QPX0004D is a much smaller alternative to higher cost hybrid I/Q Mixers and single sideband upconverter assemblies.

    Typical Applications

      • Low noise receiver systems
      • EW Receivers
      • Ka-Band Radar/Receivers
      • Single-Sideband modulation
      • Image reject downconversion
      • Phase Detection
    Type I/Q
    RF Min(GHz) 24
    RF Max(GHz) 34
    IF Min(GHz) DC
    IF Max(GHz) 7
    LO Min(GHz) 24
    LO Max(GHz) 34
    Conversion Gain(dB) -9
    LO Drive(dBm) 15
    LO-RF Isolation(dB) -30
    LO-IF Isolation(dB) -24
    Package Type DIE
    Package(mm) 1500 x 1140
    RoHS Yes
    Lead Free Yes
    Halogen Free Yes
    ITAR Restricted No
    ECCN EAR99