50 - 1200 MHz High Linearity CATV Push-Pull Amplifier

    Key Features

    • 5V or 6V Single Supply
    • Excellent Linearity Performance at +34dBmV Output Power per Tone
    • Two Amplifiers in SOIC-8 Package Simplify Push-Pull Configuration PC Board Layout
    • Available in Lead-free, RoHS Compliant and Green Packaging
    • SOIC-8 Package
    • 50MHz to 12MHz Operation Supporting DOCSIS 3.1

    Qorvo's RFCA8828 is a high performance broadband DOCSIS 3.1 MMIC amplifier designed with GaAs pHEMT technology optimized for low noise and high linearity. A Darlington configuration is utilized for broad-band performance with on-chip active bias circuit for consistent bias current and repeatable performance. The RFCA8828 contains two amplifiers for use in wideband push-pull CATV amplifiers requiring excellent second order performance; the second and third order non-linearities are greatly improved in the push-pull configuration.

    Product Categories

    Type Downstream
    Frequency Min(MHz) 45
    Frequency Max(MHz) 1,218
    Gain(dB) 16.4
    Pout(dBmV) 34
    CSO(dBc) -93
    CTB(dBc) -85
    XMOD(dBc) -76
    NF(dB) 2.8
    Voltage(V) 6
    Current(mA) 360
    Package Type SOIC-8
    Package(mm) 6.2 x 5.0 x 1.73
    RoHS Yes
    Lead Free Yes
    Halogen Free Yes
    ECCN 5A991.G

    This product appears in the following application block diagrams:

    • Applications > Network Infrastructure > Broadband Access > Cable TV > EDGE QAM DOCSIS 3.x