50 - 3700 MHz Differential SPDT or Dual SPDT Switch

    Key Features

    • Low insertion loss: 0.29dB Typical at 2700MHz
    • High Port-to-Port Isolation: 29dB Typical at 2700MHz
    • Power Handling >35dBm
    • Very Low Current Consumption
    • 1.3V GPIO Compatible

    Qorvo's RFSW6222 is a dual single-pole double-throw (SPDT) switch designed for general purpose switching applications. The low insertion loss along with excellent linearity performance makes the RFSW6222 ideal for filter or amplifier bypass switching to 3700MHz. The RF ports can be directly connected in 50 ohm systems. And control logic is compatible with 1.3V and 2.7V systems. The supply voltage is intended for connection to 2.8V systems but the device is operable from 2.4V to 3.5V. The standard 12-pin QFN package and compact 2.0mm x 2.0mm size a compact, easy-to-use, switch component for quick integration into multi-mode, multi-band systems.

    Switch Type DPDT
    Absorptive/Reflective Reflective
    Frequency Min(MHz) 50
    Frequency Max(MHz) 2,700
    Insertion Loss(dB) 0.29
    Isolation(dB) 29
    Switching Speed(ns) 35
    IIP3(dBm) 70
    IP0.1dB(dBm) 37
    Control Lines(#) 0
    Voltage(V) 2.8
    Current(mA) 0.09
    Package Type QFN
    Package(mm) 2.0 x 2.0
    ECCN 5A991.G