April 11, 2023

    “Knowledge will give you power, but character earns you respect.” - Bruce Lee

    Qorvo ended 2022 honored with the Most Respected Public Semiconductor award by the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA). GSA members account for approximately 70 percent of the $550 billion semiconductor industry. Qorvo has been a previous finalist for this award, recognizing public semiconductor companies with annual sales between $1 billion and $5 billion for the past three years.

    “Qorvo is a leader in connectivity and advanced process technology, state-of-the-art factories, and design teams that address its customers' needs,” said GSA President and Co-Founder Jodi Shelton. “The GSA is proud to award them with the Most Respected Public Semiconductor Company award. With Qorvo's recent acquisitions, it is well-positioned to continue its growth, driving innovation in the industry and beyond.”

    Hans Schwarz, Qorvo’s SVP of Corporate Business Development and Strategy, accepted the award on Qorvo’s behalf. “It’s a bit like the GSA’s version of the ‘Academy Awards’ for technology (semiconductor) companies,” he said. “More than a thousand well-dressed attendees gather along with many CEOs and very distinguished semiconductor luminaries.

    “It’s a real honor to be selected and voted on by your peers,” Hans said. “In my acceptance speech, I said it’s been a challenging eight years of merging two companies, one with several locations and headquartered in Hillsboro, Oregon (TriQuint) and the other in Greensboro, North Carolina (RFMD). Bankers told me (greeted by audience laughter) that ‘two turkeys don’t make an eagle!’—but we persevered to create a great company with the support of the board, CEO Bob Bruggeworth and the whole Qorvo team. This award acknowledges our complete transformation and re-emergence.”

    The Criteria: GSA Most Respected Public Semiconductor Company Awards

    The industry’s Most Respected Public Semiconductor Company Awards are designed to identify the public companies garnering the most respect from the industry in terms of their products, vision and future opportunities. GSA reviews the criteria below for all publicly traded Fabless and integrated device manufacturer (IDM) semiconductor companies for two 12-month periods using quarters Q3, Q4, Q1, and Q2. All companies that meet these criteria are segmented into four separate revenue groups, and each GSA member company votes for a single winner of the Most Respected Public Semiconductor Company for each group.


    Hans Schwarz

    “It’s a real honor to be selected and voted on by your peers…this award acknowledges our complete transformation and re-emergence.”

    —Hans Schwarz, Qorvo Senior Vice President of Business Development and Strategy

    Hans said the award has special importance because it reflects positive acknowledgment from Qorvo’s peers, the industry and customers. “When a company merges and changes its name, it’s typically very difficult to merge cultures, organizations, processes and systems. It takes time to develop a higher level of credibility with the new brand and its ever-improving execution,” he said. “Qorvo has made great strides to improve its ‘standing’ with suppliers and customers and within the semiconductor industry.”

    Qorvo had been nominated a few times before winning this award. “After my 43 years in the semiconductor industry, this is a rare and notable accomplishment,” Hans said. “Qorvo has set a new standard at the top of this grouping. We must continue to work hard to maintain our leadership.”

    Several teams within Qorvo ended the year with a number of customer awards acknowledging the company's quality, supplier excellence, innovation and leadership in the industry. Qorvo also received a variety of awards from leading aerospace and defense companies, product awards from publisher ASPENCORE and consumer electronics maker UEI, supplier awards from smartphone manufacturers Honor and Vivo, and a Company of the Year award from the GSA.

    Learn more about the GSA award and other Qorvo honors from the Qorvo press release here.

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