March 5, 2023

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    The Qorvo QPG6105 End Node Development Kit for Connected Devices is a complete solution that makes Matter product development fast and easy. The development kit is the ideal starting point to become familiar with Matter and the QPG6105 software and development tools.

    What benefits can I expect to gain from the Qorvo QPG6105 Matter Development Kit (DK) for Connected Devices?

    • Fast time-to-market - by leveraging reference applications as the basis for turnkey product solutions and using template applications with code-generating tooling, developers can create and customize their design quickly.
    • Single point-of-entry for Matter development - the DK has pre-integrated Matter and Thread open-source components along with design tools, documentation and application development guidelines.
    • Optimized system-in-a-package (SiP) for Matter products - developers can use QPG6105's ROM routines to maximize an applications flash memory.
    • Superior RF range and connectivity - extended range and communications are enabled by Qorvo's unique hardware (HW) and software (SW) antenna diversity feature.
    • Certified Solution and verified interoperability- the QPG6105 and its applications are qualified for use with other Matter devices and infrastructure.

    What does the Qorvo QPG6105 Matter Development Kit for Connected Devices contain?

    • The kit contains a development board with the QPG6105, peripherals, LEDs, buttons for SW developers prototyping applications; power, and a program/debug interface is available through USB
    • All PC tools and firmware for HW developers validating QPG6105 performance
    • Certified and interoperable Matter, Thread and IEEE802.15.4 communication stacks
    • Certified and interoperable Matter, Thread and IEEE802.15.4 communication stacks
    • Turnkey reference applications for Matter light and door lock
    • Template application that integrates with Matter's cluster library generator. Using a graphical user interface, you can select the application functionality you require. The tool then automatically generates an example project containing all mandatory clusters and application-level callbacks for the product you want to build. This simplifies and speeds the design process.
    • QPG6105 peripheral driver example applications demonstrating how to access and use the QPG6105 peripherals (ADC, UART, I2C, SPI, PWM, etc.) in your application
    • API documentation, application notes and reference designs

    What are the specifics of the development boards?

    The QPG6105 Matter Development Kit consists of a QPG6105 radio board plugged onto a main board as shown in the image above.

    QPG6105 radio board features:

    • Qorvo's QPG6105 system-on-a-chip (SoC) includes 1 MB flash and 128 kB RAM
    • The 2.4 GHz radio PCB comes equipped with two antennas to enable antenna diversity functionality for optimal RF range
    • Comes equipped with uFL connectors for RF performance measurements
    • Provides +10 dbm output power

    Main board features:

    • Equipped with a SEGGER J-Link onboard debugger and virtual COM port – for quick programming and debugging
    • Comes with humidity, PIR, hall sensors for application prototyping
    • User LEDs and buttons for application verification and testing
    • RGB LED
    • UART interface

    Which development tools are included?

    The QPG6105 supports SEGGER Embedded Studio, which enables programming, debugging and editing of the code all from a single DK. A license to use SEGGER Embedded Studio with the QPG6105 is included in the DK.

    • A Windows PC application (radio control console) and embedded firmware (PTC) that allows you to easily evaluate RF performance through a command line interface. The PTC firmware is compatible with standard test equipment supporting Bluetooth Low Energy Direct Test Mode. The PC application can be integrated using the DLL included in the kit in a mass production test setup.
    • Instructions outlining how to build a secure application (including documentation and example code) and instructions for how to include Matter Device attestation certificates in your application and enable secure boot.
    • Documentation showing how to use the reference applications and how to customize and build your own product starting from a template application.
    • An over-the-air (OTA) file generator that generates an image in the correct format to be used for OTA upgrades as well as a bootloader that programs the firmware (FW).

    What enables me to evaluate the RF performance of the QPG6105 using the Matter Development Kit for Connected Devices?

    • An included Radio Control Console (Windows PC application) that allows you to interact directly with the radio, enabling validation of performance and regulatory certification requirements for your products
    • Firmware compatible with the standard Bluetooth Low Energy Direct Test Mode and documentation how to use litepoint for validation of the Bluetooth Low Energy performance

    Which turnkey applications are included?

    • The reference applications provided include (1) color and dimmable light bulb, and (2) door lock applications; these can be used as is, or with minimal changes.
    • All reference applications can perform over-the-air firmware updates and use secure boot to load only authenticated images. They demonstrate a Matter device with Thread connectivity, using Bluetooth® LE to perform Matter provisioning on the Qorvo QPG6105 SDK.

    Key features for turnkey reference applications:

    • Full support for the ZCL Advanced Platform (ZAP) tool allows customers to generate custom applications quickly and easily
    • Support for sleepy and non-sleepy devices

    What products can I design with this DK?

    You can design any Matter over Thread device, such as a router and end-node. This includes light switches, light bulbs, thermostats, temperature sensors and more. The development kit supports mains-powered and battery-powered applications in a SoC architecture that integrates the radio, thread and Matter stack and application on a single-chip solution.

    For Matter gateway products (mains-powered router devices such as smart speakers, access points, televisions, etc.), Qorvo has a Matter development kit for Gateway's QPG7015M FAQ

    How do I get Started?

    Visit these links for information on how to start developing your product:

    Where can I order the development kit?

    To request your QPG6105 Matter Development Kit, contact Qorvo using this link: Request a sample

    Besides Matter, what other protocols are supported?

    The QPG6105 Matter Development Kit for Connected Devices is designed as an easy-to-use development environment for Matter products. The QPG6105 supports other protocols (Zigbee, Bluetooth Low Energy, proprietary IEEE802.15.4 and proprietary Thread based applications) through other development kits. Please contact your sales representative for additional information.

    Does the QPG6105 Matter Development Kit enable me to build Matter devices supporting Wi-Fi?

    No, The QPG6105 only supports Matter devices that use Thread for Matter communication and Bluetooth Low Energy for Matter commissioning.

    Where can I download the SW and the documentation?

    The software and documentation for the QPG6105 Matter Development Kit is available in a public software repository:

    What HW reference designs are included in the kit?

    A generic QPG6105 reference design is included in the kit. Upon request, Qorvo can share a reference design for a light bulb.

    Is Qorvo active in the Matter community?

    Qorvo is a longstanding member of the Connectivity Standards Alliance (former Zigbee alliance) and supports multiple products under CSA's umbrella: Zigbee, RF4CE and Matter. Over the years, Qorvo has held various positions within the CSA, including marketing chair for RF4CE. Recently, Qorvo has been active in the Matter community in several working groups and has contributed to the Matter open-source SDK by adding support for the Qorvo silicon and participating in all Matter test events.

    What other Qorvo products support Matter?

    The QPG6105 is the product of choice for building connected devices, i.e., devices that connect to an existing Matter network through a border router. For building a Matter hub / Thread border router, Qorvo has a dedicated product, the QPG7015M

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