8 Watt mMIMO 3.4 - 3.8 GHz RF Front End Reference Board

    Full RFFE Reference Design for Wireless Infrastructure 5G mMIMO Applications

    reference design

    Key Features

    • Complete RF front end reference design from digital front end to antenna filter.
    • Includes QPA9122M, QPB3810, QPB9362, directional coupler for DPD, and circulator.
    • Designed for small form factor that can be integrated directly into an array.
    • Instantaneous bandwidth of up to 400MHz.
    • > 60dB of Tx lineup gain.
    • TDD capable with Tx/Rx switching from a single control logic.
    • Easy to bias. Requires only +5 and +48V.

    The reference design provides a complete solution for a RF front end (RFFE) for an 8W average output power mMIMO 5G application in band n78 (3.4-3.8GHz).  The RFFE reference design provides a Tx/Rx solution from digital front end to antenna filter in a compact layout which can be directly implemented into an array.  For the transmit chain the reference design features the QPA9122M as a wideband high linearity pre-driver and the QPB3810 as a highly efficient GaN final stage power amplifier module. The transmit chain also includes a directional coupler for DPD observation path as well as a circulator. For the receive chain the reference design includes the low noise QPB9362 switch LNA.

    Typical Applications

      • 5G mMIMO
      • Wireless Infrastructure
    Frequency Min(GHz) 3.4
    Frequency Max(GHz) 3.8
    Pout(W) 8
    Gain(dB) 60
    Voltage(V) 48