Modern phased array antennas (far more sophisticated than passive antennas) are dependent on multiple components working together in complete harmony. Sometimes called "active antennas," their uses are far-ranging, from defense communications to commercial to satellite applications. Working with Lockheed Martin — who manufactures advanced phased arrays — Qorvo produced miniature BAW filters that play a major role in facilitating the devices' operations at different broadband frequencies.

    Qorvo's BAW filters enable desired signals to travel through the receiver while spurious signals are rejected, and at a very low noise figure — essential for optimal system performance. Lockheed Martin acknowledged Qorvo's contributions, developing a research paper* that was presented at the U.S. government's premiere microcircuit and critical technologies conference, GOMACTech, in 2013. Qorvo's BAW filters are ideal for next-generation antenna arrays and many other challenging applications that RF designers face every day.

    * "7-22 GHz Broadband Non-Dilated Multi-Channel Receive Module for Phased Array Antenna Systems," by William Trueheart and Jack Ajoian, Lockheed Martin Mission Systems and Sensors, Moorestown, NJ (USA); GOMACTech 2013.

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