HMI sensor solutions are the next leap in sensing technology and in advancing industrial design in a wide-range of applications. These solutions are fabricated on a proprietary MEMS process and provide great flexibility for designers to create smart surfaces. Whether attached under a touch surface or a capacitive touch display, or as the side button of a smartphone or smartwatch, these sensors easily detect a user's input at multiple levels through any material, shape, and thickness

    HMI Sensing Solutions

    Regardless of whether your touch surface is made of plastic, leather, glass, carbon fiber, or more, Qorvo's force sensors provide high performance in any industrial design. Qorvo's solutions recognize touch from any input in any environment, enabling truly gapless and waterproof designs. These features are applicable in a wide range of supported sensing applications, such as, press, smart surface, trackpad XYZ, slide, multi-level, edge, 3D and wake-up.

    elevate your user experience

    In addition to providing turnkey solutions, Qorvo works closely with customers to support them from concept to final production. Taking customers step by step in electrical, mechanical, software and assembly stages to integrate sensors into their systems and applications.

    sensors software integration
    force sensor applications
    Sensing Types
    • Steering wheel switches
    • Smart surfaces
    • Multi-level sensing
    • Display XYZ sensing
    • Press sensing
    • Slide sensing
    • Edge Sensing
    • 3D Sensing
    • Wake up Sensing

    • Innovative and aesthetically pleasing design
    • Improved reliability and reduces replacement costs
    • Better user experience (any input)
    • Eliminates false actuations in capacitive touch surfaces (adds intent)
    • Improved RF performance
    • Extended battery life
    • New levels of functionality
    • True water and weather proofing